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Live At Leeds Football Tournament 2014

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by whiskas, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    Looks like I still need two teams! Anyone at all who's interested give me a shout, don't have to be playing LAL.

    So far we have confirmed teams:

    The Cockpit
    Bodega Social / DHP
    Clue Records
    Forward Russia
    The Mexanines

    And a bunch more
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  3. Brader

    Brader New Member

    Live at leeds 5-a side tourny

    Anyone know what the groups are?

    I cant find them anywhere online and missed the draw the other night.
  4. Brader

    Brader New Member

    Re: Live at leeds 5-a side tourny

    Also - if anyone fancies a practise game next weekend or midweek?
  5. whiskas

    whiskas Member

  6. theairwasthick

    theairwasthick New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    mbv, mew, schnauss
    This is going to be great to watch.

    Our Drummer is a bit of a tank but our singer is like twig.

    I'll just be on the sideline's being a chubber.
  7. Fezz

    Fezz Member

    Absolutely gutted to be out of this with a broken leg. I will still be performing my captains duty for I Like Press and driving us on from the sidelines...
  8. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    We've got absolutely tonnes planned for this now including food from The Grub & Grog Shop & Everyday Is Like Sundae, so come down, bring the kids, mums, dads, anyone!

    This year we are aiming to expand the fun away from the pitch with a host of fun raising activities in aid of Martin House Hospice including:

    * Food from The Grub & Grog Shop and sweets from Everyday Is Like Sundae

    * Beat the Bear - Kids get to take on Marty Bear in a penalty shootout.

    * Balloon Sculpture stand

    * Face Painting stall

    * Sports Massage area

    * Penalty Shootout competition

    * Live music from the East Leeds FM Awning Stage

  9. dodell

    dodell New Member

    Looks like I've replaced you in nets Fezz, hope it's not a cursed position! We came out of friendlies strong with victories against both The Cockpit and Futuresound. Really looking forward to Monday.

    Top work Whiskas, on what is a monstrously busy weekend for you.
  10. Seany

    Seany Active Member

    Favourite Bands:
    !!!, Can, Mars Volta
    Come on Monday night footy!!!!
  11. AlexBlueSky

    AlexBlueSky New Member

    In Pardew style? I shall be playing Nigel Martyn for Clue Records, but more likely being reminiscent of a certain Paul Rachubka performance.
  12. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    Still trying to find one last team or some people to hook with others - hit me up if this is you!
  13. Brader

    Brader New Member

    Top news - see you there alex.
    Fingers crossed our shirts show up this week. BRADER - 9 on the back of a shirt is now a reality - except the dream never involved tina turner on a club badge.
  14. AlexBlueSky

    AlexBlueSky New Member

    I have allocated myself the number 13 shirt as I am not worthy of the number 1.
  15. AlexBlueSky

    AlexBlueSky New Member

    Clue Records footy strips at the ready...


    I've been given an appropriately despicable kit to wear.


    If only we had the skill to match our style.
  16. soulboy

    soulboy New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Stevie Wonder
    Cheers to Whiskas and the guys at Goals for arranging a top day out!
    Our 29-28 defeat on penalties to The Cockpit in the knockout stages was a hard pill to swallow but entertained the masses!!
    And well done to ITV who won the tournament this year, bloody good team!
  17. the boy

    the boy Member

    Cheers pal - I still don't understand how we won, we're usually shit!!
  18. the boy

    the boy Member

    I'd also like to say well done to all involved on the whole organisation of the tournament - impeccable as always!
  19. Rob Galloway

    Rob Galloway Member

    Great tournament again ... thanks to all involved
  20. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    Cheers folks, seemed like another great day! Roll on next year etc.
  21. Sam R

    Sam R Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Club Smith
    yeah this was brill again. thanks for putting it on.

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