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Leeds Small Business Chat. Introduce your business

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by vinerefurb, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi all, I've been watching LF for quite some time now in the hope that someone would have started a thread where local business owners like myself can talk shop, throw new ideas around, network, help each other out, etc...

    The idea seems to have been kicked around a bit, but that's as far as it has gone. So. I have decided to stick my neck out and be the one to get things rolling.

    If you run a business localy please introduce yourself, Allow me to start the ball rolling by introducing myself.

    I am vinerefurb I run a company specialising in property refurbishment in the Leeds and Sheffield areas. I look forward to chatting to you.:icon_smile:
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  3. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    i think the idea is to set up such a sub forum, probably once member numbers have increased and there is more traffic through the forum.

    Welcome by the way:biggrin:
  4. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi dervish99 thanks for the welcome :biggrin:.

    I agree with you, a sub forum would be good when things pick up a little, and I would gladly put my name forward. In the meantime it would be nice for the members that are local business owners to indroduce themselves and their business's here.:icon_smile:
  5. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    wouldnt it be better in the advertising section
  6. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Not really, I think this thread is different to people "plying their wares" so to speak.
  7. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    I can see where you are coming from wiseguy, but Joe is quite right. This thread is not about advertising, it is intended to be a place on the forum where like minded people can come to discuss business related matters and have a bit of social banter.:icon_smile:
  8. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    i havnt a prob where it goes but if i was not a member and i was looking for someones business thats where id look so to speak and may learn somthing from reading what said business persons wrote lol
  9. CarolineWalker

    CarolineWalker New Member

    If you are starting a business and have a great idea then this is for you!

    Lee & Priestley and Henderson Insurance Brokers would like to invite you to enter an innovative and exciting new competition: it could generate you publicity and win you a free office and business insurance for one year!

    ‘Strictly New Business’ is searching for the best new start-up business proposal.

    Budding entrepreneurs from across the region are being invited to submit their ideas to win a year’s quality office space at Joseph’s Well, Westgate, Leeds. In addition, a year’s free business insurance is kindly being offered by Henderson Insurance Brokers and start-up business advice will be provided by Lee & Priestley.

    The aim of the competition is to reward the entrepreneurial spirit of Yorkshire and encourage anyone thinking about starting their own business to take the plunge.

    Four finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of respected and established local business people to secure the superb prize. The live final will be held at The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds on Thursday 2nd December from 6pm.

    For an application form please email caroline.walker@recognitionpr.co.uk
    or phone 0132 5363436.
  10. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Sorry WG, it did read as if you did have a problem with where it goes!

    There will be a Sheffield Forum style Business Directory in the future where reference could be made by someone visiting the forum specifically to find a business.

    For now, businesses large or small can formally advertise in the classifieds, or informally discuss things about their businesses or services they provide in threads such as this.

    I would rather see the personal side to these small businesses in a way such as this whilst we are starting out, rather than faceless copied and pasted advertisements which don't really give opportunity for discussion.
  11. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi Caroline, what an exciting competition and great way to encourage fresh new business.:thumbs2:

    Will the live final be open to the public? I wouldn't mind watching it, It will be like an evening in the Dragons Den! :biggrin:
  12. SphericalBoy

    SphericalBoy New Member

    Hi All.

    I run a small business doing web development. Are there any designers on here that would like to team up? I often get design requests that I can't really fulfil and assume designers often get development requests they need help with, it'd be good to get a bit of networking going.
  13. steve1404

    steve1404 New Member

    hi guys i have been in the pub and club trade for over 20 years at the moment i am running the oak road sports and social club which used to be new wortley labour club god i need a medal for been in the trade for so long
  14. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi SphericalBoy, try bigpepper (LF member in your line of business), might be a good contact for you.:icon_smile:
  15. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi steve, give a decent enough discount on a pint to LF members and we can talk about that medal! :icon_lol::icon_wink:
  16. Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes New Member


    I would love to talk to any business owners in Leeds, I run a website allowing customers to find an IFA in Leeds and compare them to make sure they get the best Independent Financial Advice for them. If anyone wants to get in touch please do so
  17. steve1404

    steve1404 New Member

    my beer and lager are keen prices to begin with 2.20 a pint of bitter and 2.30 for lager dont forget i have overheads and my bu rates are 14k a year just to the council for running a buissiness
  18. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Hi Sean

    I like the website, the 'interesting facts about Leeds' on your Home page is a nice touch, you learn something new every day! :thumbs2:
  19. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    You can't say fairer than that steve.:thumbs2:

    How are the bookings for your Concert Room going?
  20. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Thank you for the invite to the evening Caroline. I have replied via email.:icon_smile:
  21. vinerefurb

    vinerefurb New Member

    Sorry I could not make it Caroline. Weather hasn't been very kind has it.

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