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Leeds Market Hair Dresser

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by bongobenny, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    What was the name of the barber that cuts hair in the market that everyone always goes on about?

    Sorry I'd search for this but the search box on the top right doesn't seem to be working and I can only find one hair dresser thread and there's no talk of this character..May be Scottish. I don't remember.
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  3. millario

    millario Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Mogwai and Seafood
    I can't remember, but I've read it so many times this is going to do my head in...


  4. Fezz

    Fezz Member

    His name is Brian who's from Leeds and his colleague is Scotty who's Scottish coincidentally.

    Scotty is very no frills to say the least, will cut your hair in about ten seconds. Brian is the better one.

    I tend to get my haircut there when I need a basic haircut, as it's only £4.10 but if i've got something more important on I'll go to Cord, it's like £17 but a better haircut usually.
  5. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Thanks Fezz. Apologies Millario haha. I know what you mean. There was a time where this thread appeared about once every couple of weeks. It's like Simpsons Real People in 2006.

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