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Leeds Carnegie target eight new players

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Leeds Forum, May 21, 2010.

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    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    Director of rugby Andy Key believes Leeds Carnegie need to bring in a minimum of eight new players. At least 16 will exit Headingley this summer as Leeds restructure their playing squad for next season. [BBC Sport]

    Any suggestions/thoughts on who he should approach? :D
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  3. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    What they don't want to do is think they can buy success. Should reflect on what happened to Leeds United after that type of thinking. Best just to get some tried and trusted Union Players in who can just consolidate thier place in the Premiership, anywhere
    in the top half would be great.
  4. drunkendwarfe

    drunkendwarfe New Member

    What garry hethrington cant get his head round is that good union players are a hell of a lot more money than good league players (pay peanuts get monkeys etc), which was why we couldnt hold on to the likes of Danny Care, Jordan Crane, Callum Clarke etc but hopefully Neil Back and Andy Key can dig into The Leicster tigers Academy and tempt some of them north

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