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Knowledge on stage lights?

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by vole, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. vole

    vole Member

    I need a stage light just for a solo artist but no idea what to look for or where?

    Ideally a floor light would make things easier and not looking to spend much.

    Anyone know places or have experience? Even selling one???
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  3. JamesColeyMusic

    JamesColeyMusic New Member

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    I bought version 1 of the Chauvet Mini 4Bar recently for £100 second-hand:


    I either have is on the tall stand at the side of me or on the floor facing up at me. Works really well, especially in pubs where the light is poor. At a wedding I played at on Sunday, after I had fnished I simply pointed it at the dance floor, put it on Sound to Light and let it dance away to tunes with VirtualDJ whilst I packed down my gear... worked ace!
  4. lottiebomb

    lottiebomb New Member

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    Don't Maplin still do cheap and cheerful stage lighting?
  5. vole

    vole Member

    Not that I've seen on their website. Well not unless you want to spend over £250!
  6. Seany

    Seany Active Member

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    Sound savers in Headingley within the Taps car park should be able to sort your needs out.
  7. P13

    P13 New Member

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    One warning cheap Chinese LED stage lighting that is dimmable often doesn't actually dim properly, it flickers really fast to give the illusion of dimming properly which is fine until you video an event under such lighting in which case it can be a problem as the flickering whilst not noticeable to the human eye is obvious on video.

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