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Jazz Bars, Piano Bars?

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by dave, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. dave

    dave New Member

    I'm new to the area. Does anyone know of any Jazz bars or quiet piano bars / late night coffee houses in the area? I'm from London where most places are open late and soho has lots on offer... ideally i would like to find a nice quiet place late in the evening to play the piano or listen to some good music..

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  3. daveharling

    daveharling New Member

    Browns in the centre is quite good, they have a piano.

    I heard that 7 jazz was pretty good but havnt checked it out yet:
    31(a) Harrogate Road
    Chapel Allerton
    LS7 3PD

    Also the wardrobe in town is a good place for a drink.
  4. KooK

    KooK New Member

    Sela plays quite a lt of Jazz, with free gigs during the week I think, we serve coffee til late next door at North
  5. dave

    dave New Member

    thanks for your replies.. will be checking out all of your suggestions!
  6. d.jsunray

    d.jsunray Registered User

    The wardrobe play live musik. All types of musik really sometimes jazz.
    I have written a few jazz tunes on my guitar
  7. nevben

    nevben New Member

    Arts Cafe bar used to play Jazz regularly, Have not been for sometime though,l so not sure it still does.
    There is also Wakefield Jazz Club, which meets at the Rugby club. They bring bands from london up to do gigs as well, only been a couple of times with a friend and to be honest, whilst I like the sound of Jazz, I have not got the indepth knowledge of the scene, that many have at that club.Don't be put off by that as they are a welcoming group who definitely enjoy a beer, and late night transport is not a problem either.
  8. jcowbell

    jcowbell New Member

    Ahhh, i replied to this ages ago. It mustn't have sent.

    Seven Arts is good as is Wakefield Jazz, they both have similar line ups. I personally like Seven Arts sunday gigs, dead cheap and great local jazz. But both not Leeds City Centre.

    Sela is great for free mid week gigs, nice and cosy basement.

    The Wardrobe is fab on a Tuesday, they have local jazz, nice and chilled, and they have free wi-fi if that's what you're after, plenty of space too. I love it during the day. 95p refillable filter coffees with a free membership card.

    Hope that helps for now.
  9. jcowbell

    jcowbell New Member

    The jazz on a Tuesday at Wardrobe is free. Forgot to say.
    Plenty of great stuff.
  10. stevenkaz

    stevenkaz New Member

    Does the Hi Fi club, just off Duncan street, still do Jazz? When I was still up in Leeds we used to enjoy eating Sunday lunch accompanied by a live jazz band.
    I think they have a comedy night on a Friday but the rest of the week is or at least was Jazz I think.

    Ps I used to go before it moved to the current venue, just found this Hi fi Club
  11. jcowbell

    jcowbell New Member

    The Hi-Fi's Sunday Joint, I haven't been for a while I must admit, but from what i've seen advertised it's more funk/soul/ska bands in the eve. But they should have local jazz playing when people are having their sunday roasts. I'm not sure.


    Saturdays look like comedy, and Friday is a funk/soul club night.

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