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Indie record shops around the country

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Mark Sturdy, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Mark Sturdy

    Mark Sturdy Member

    I'm trying to get a list together of independent record stores that are known to stock DIY type releases. I know there used to be quite a few but they're a dying breed (eg Selectadisc in Nottingham that closed down the other month). So far I've got:

    Picadilly (Manchester)
    Rough Trade (London)
    Forever Changes (Sheffield)

    Anyone know of any others?
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  3. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    This is a great thread. Well done Sturd
  4. BrettG

    BrettG New Member

    Absolutely gutted about Selectadisc. Is the London one still open?

    There's Tempest Records in Birmingham and Avalanche Records in Edinburgh.
  5. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    glasgow... monorail, volcanic tongue (though be prepared to shell out big cash for shoddy cd-r's)

    wall of sound in huddersfield

    Anarchy in Nottingham, the infamous second hand record store

    West Quay Records, Bridgwater

    Tor Records, Glastonbury

    Rave From The Grave, Frome

    Rooster Records, Taunton

    martian records in taunton

    THE RECORD ALBUM - brighton

    WAX FACTOR - brighton

    PUNKERBUNKER - brighton

    ACROSS THE TRACKS - brighton (below Immediate Clothing on Sydney Street)

    RESIDENT - brighton

    EDGEWORLD - brighton

    BORDERLINE - brighton

    ROUNDER RECORDS - brighton

    Liverpool - Probe Records

    Leigh Records - southend

    Kingbee Records - manchester

    Fat City - manchester

    Banquet records - kingston

    collectors records - kingston

    counter culture - High Wycombe

    cambridge - The best place to buy records from in town is the market, in the market square. Annoyingly, the 2nd hand record stalls are almost never there at the weekend and a guy selling new stuff is a bit sporadic on a Saturday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are probably your best bets. Good mixtures of "collectors" stuff and bargains are to be found at between 1 and 3 stalls. Always loads of prog and folk.

    Dudley - sound search records - second hand shop has a few thousand records,Chap who runs it basically gave up buying collections ages ago and so the new stock is non existent..he seems obssesed with autographs...records are on the floor and under cabinets so it is worth delving and hes cheap...has hundreds of 7"s in boxes in genres which are hidden under shelvng.

    ST records - wolverhampton street birmingham - new/second hand - 100% Metal shop thats bin there since 1982' and was a essential for a thrash fix back in that day, not much vinyl now as its mainly cd's but they can get vinyl in for ya from relapse etc quite cheap..stocks a few 7"s usually the latest indie/rock ones.

    Birmingham - Diskery - second hand - just off the queensway -not cheap really but chock full of vinyl and in thankfully sorted into genres too....

    Tempest -83 Bull Street (round the corner from house of fraser) birmingham

    Swordfish - Cheltenham House birmingham - few hundred yds from the train station

    Polar Bear records - birmingham (outta town) York Road, Kings Heath

    Hard To Find Records - dj /hip hop shop just off the queensway...

    WOLVERHAMPTON - Oldies Unlimited

    KIDDERMINSTER - Mr Tee's (Blackwell Street, Kidderminster) - ****...mad mad shop, the bloke literally has thousands of records all over the place..up to the rafters/on the floor (literally) hundreds in boxes under shelving... theres is no way he knows what he has stock as its a complete fuckin dump. he told me he started to genre'fy the records years ago but give up. theres tonnes of 7" boxes, but to get to see them you have to walk over broken record/cd's clothes etc.. he also sells fake boobs and blow up guitars fetish books...
    i had to move kettles/plugs newspapers to look at some rock records last week...
    the sort of place where you come out dirtier than when you come out.

    COVENTRY - bloke in the market (midnight music)

    All Ages in camden

    Funky Monkey : Mostly House, a bit of DNB and Dubstep - Notts

    Oh My Gosh : Hip Hop mostly, but with a big DNB and Dubstep range too, also sell clothes and DJ Stuff - Notts

    Robs Records : smells of wee but is probably amazing for really old music, can somtimes pick up some gems - Notts

    Heavy Sounds : Metal/some HxC/Grind etc seems very popular - Notts

    Anarchy / Auntie Christines : Infamous second hand stores next to each to eachother which sell pretty much everything/anything, best way to get the good stuff is to make friends with them really. Notts

    p.s. you can probably tell that when i'm on tour i like to visit record stores :D
  6. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

  7. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    11 Chapel Market, London N1
  8. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    7 Middle Street, Croydon

    Action Records
    46 Church Street, Preston

    Ray's Jazz
    In Foyles bookshop, 180 Charing Cross Road, London WC1

    Sister Ray
    94 Berwick Street, LondonW1
  9. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Spillers Records
    36 The Hayes, Cardiff
    029-2022 4905

    At 112 years old, Spillers regards itself as the oldest player in the recorded-music game. Nick Todd arrived here 31 years ago, has owned it for more than 20 years, and employs three members of staff who have worked there 17 years apiece. "When I came in, in excess of 50% of records were sold through independents. Now it's less than 3%," he notes sadly.
  10. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Clerkenwell Music
    27 Exmouth Market, London EC1
  11. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    don't remember already mentioning this one...

    63 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh
  12. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Reveal Records
    63 St Peter's Street, Derby
  13. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Haggle Vinyl
    114 Essex Road, London N1
  14. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    3 Beat
    5 Slater Street, Liverpool

    Stand Out/Minus Zero
    2 Blenheim Crescent, London W11

    Vox Pop
    53-55 Thomas Street, Manchester
  15. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Sounds of the Universe, 7 Broadwick St, W1 (020 7734 3430/www.soundsoftheuniverse.com) Tottenham Court Rd tube. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-7.30pm.
  16. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    not all those will stock new DIY releases, but i don't got time to seperate them out from my list!
  17. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    Revival, 30 Berwick St, W1 (020 7437 4271) Oxford Circus tube. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.
  18. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    oh, and earlier this month was international independent record store day!
  19. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    this is the list of UK stores who took part in international record store day...

    101 Collectors Records FARNHAM
    Action Records PRESTON
    Adrians ESSEX
    All Ages Records LONDON
    Andy's Records CEREDIGION
    Avalanche Records GLASGOW
    Avalanche Records EDINBURGH
    Badlands Records CHELTENHAM
    Banquet Records KINGSTON
    Beatdown Records (Downtown) NEWCASTLE
    Blackcat Records TAUNTON
    BM Soho LONDON
    Bridport Music BRIDPORT
    Brill LONDON
    Changing World Music
    Counter Culture High Wycombe
    Cob Records BANGOR
    Crash Records LEEDS
    David's Music LETCHWORTH
    Diverse Music NEWPORT
    The Drift Record Shop DEVON
    The Dream Machine London
    Focus Sounds WATERLOOVILLE
    Head Leamington Spa NEWCASTLE
    Intoxica NEWCASTLE
    JG Windows Ltd NEWCASTLE
    Jumbo Records LEEDS
    Kanes Records STROUD
    Mixed Up Records Glasgow
    Music Mania STOKE-ON-TRENT
    musicmaster Omagh
    phoenixsound NEWTON ABBOT
    Phonica Records London
    Piccadilly Records MANCHESTER
    Pure Groove LONDON
    Rapture Entertainment OXFORDSHIRE
    Rebel Music LONDON
    Record Savings BANBURY
    Reflex NEWCASTLE
    Rooted Records BRISTOL
    Rounder Records BRIGHTON
    Rough Trade East LONDON
    Rough Trade West LONDON
    Sister Ray LONDON
    Solo music
    Soul Brother Records LONDON
    Sound House KENT
    Sound It Out Records STOCKTON ON TEES
    Sound Knowledge WILTSHIRE
    Sounds Interesting TROWBRIDGE
    Spillers Records CARDIFF
    Square Records DORSET
    Stand-Out WILTSHIRE
    Stamford Audio STAMFORD
    Stand-Out Records SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE
    Tangled Parrot CARMARTHENSHIRE
    The Heavy Sounds NOTTINGHAM
    Upbeat CORNWALL
    The Vinyl Countdown ULVERSTON
    Vibes Records BURY
    Vinyl Know How London
    Wall of Sound Records HUDDERSFIELD
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Reveal in Derby's gone now, Dom.
  21. domchinchilla

    domchinchilla New Member

    not been to derby in a very long time!

    i expect a bunch of stuff from the first list is gone now, sadly... most of that was gathered from a thread on another forum a few years ago

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