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Indian Restaurant Opening in Moortown Leeds on Friday

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by cilantro, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    I'd like to invite the readers of this forum to the Grand opening of Cilantro Indian Restaurant in Moortown Leeds on Friday 14th January at 6pm.

    The address is 378 Harrogate Road, LS17 6PY, Telephone 0113 269 2000

    I can't post a link but please text me on 07961133638 if you are coming and want to book a table.


    Please visit the website to register if you wish to come for the opening. The bookings are for 6,7,8 or 9pm. Once you register you will be either called or emailed to confirm booking.

    Thanks and see you there

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  3. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    Does filling out the RSVP form on the home page of your web page mean that we will get a Free meal and Drinks on the night
  4. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    Hi yes that is correct. We need to know who is coming as we have limited capacity, will contact you with a time slot and confirm your booking.

  5. grafter

    grafter New Member

    hi tried to log on but can`t is it blocked
  6. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    Hi you need to go to the website address:

  7. Undeeniable

    Undeeniable New Member

    If you do go, pop back & tell us what it was like :)
  8. grafter

    grafter New Member

    Ok I sent the wife and 3 pals
    This is what they said in brief:
    Greeted by a very nice manager,they felt welcome straight away excellent courteous staff, lovely atmosphere, reasonably priced and to top it all great food.
    and yes they will go again.
  9. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Smashing! Good recommendation.
  10. Ordinary customer

    Ordinary customer New Member

    One of the worst meals I have ever had, if not the worst.

    The decor was nice but the food certainly wasn't

    We ordered a salmon starter from the menu. Unfortunately, the waiter failed to inform us that the restaurant didn't have any salmon at all and then they tried to pass off some white fish with a name that we had never heard of instead.

    When it was pointed out to the manager that the fish that had arrived was not salmon, he said that he had put salmon on the menu but that the restaurant was never going to serve it. Goodness knows why.

    Things got worse with the main course. We ordered vegetable biriyani and vegetable madras between us with a peshwari naan (fruit naan).

    It was blatantly obvious when the vegetable biriyani arrived that the vegetables had been taken straight from a packet. It was that horrible peas, carrot and sweetcorn combination that every child comes across at school-dinner time, and that all houses stock in case of emergencies. All the carrots were cut into uniform small squares. The vegetables in the vegetable madras were exactly the same.

    When the waiter was questioned about this, he admitted that it was a packet mixture and then said (quite astonishingly) that the manager wanted to keep costs down.

    The sauce in the biriyani was totally tasteless and only lukewarm. It had absolutely no spice or taste. The sauce in the madras tasted exactly the same as in the biriyani.

    The peshwari naan had also clearly been taken straight from a packet. For a start it was rubbery. The waiter said that it would contain fresh sultanas but instead it had a rather odd sugary purple paste in the middle. It was so uniform in colour and texture that it couldn't possibly have been fresh.

    The only redeeming feature was that the onion baajis were nice, but unless you want a meal of just onion baajis, I would suggest going elsewhere.
  11. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    OC, was the meal free? Welcome to the forum by the way.

    Do any of thecilantro's staff want to comment, as this is a fairly comprehensive review.
  12. Ordinary customer

    Ordinary customer New Member

    Thankyou for your welcome. I have not used such forums before, but I was so disappointed by what had happened (and so surprised frankly) that I wanted to share my experience with others.

    As to your question, no the meal was not free unfortunately. I think they might have knocked service off, but we were so fed up that we just gave the bill a cursory glance, paid and then left.

    All the best
  13. grafter

    grafter New Member

    Having grilled the Missus, it does seem I may have been over enthusiastic with my report re. the food.
    Sorry if I have misled anyone it was not my intention if Cilantro dont reply I will speak to the manager and ask him to post a response
  14. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    It's a shame that the experiences weren't great. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for the owners to take on some of the constructive criticism.
  15. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    We would like to respond to the quick comments made in relation to OC’s experience on Sunday night.

    As it was our second day of opening there were still some things which still needed fine tuning along with training for staff, but this is not an excuse for poor customer experience or service.

    Firstly we have not printed the final version of our menu, due to, which there were minor errors. We want to give our customers a wide choice of items and a large selection of seafood varieties and therefore put on our menu the following fish dishes pangasius (white fresh water fish from Bangladesh), seabass, monkfish, salmon, mussels, crab, prawn, and king prawn.

    When OC came and ordered from the menu due to the errors it read on our menu as if all the dishes were made out of salmon fish. This was incorrect which we have corrected since along with others. The dishes ordered should have been with pangasius fish, salmon and monk fish rather than all being with salmon fish.

    We only opened on a weekend and had over 250 people for the opening. We did not have the delivery on Sunday for the monkfish and salmon however we had seabass, pangasius, mussels, crab, prawn, and king prawn. As this was not properly coordinated with the front staff the order was taken and a mistake occurred.

    However the customer was offered an alternative dish free of charge and we did not CHARGE him for the full meal. It seems OC was not happy with the offer of the free dish, which was relayed to the manager later by the waiter who served the food and knowing the fact he was still not satisfied, when the delivery came first thing Monday morning a text message was sent to them offering a free meal again of the Salmon fish dish. Which I believe shows our commitment to ensure our customers have a good experience, as we care about our reputation and the customer’s experience of our food.

    However in relation to the comment about the nan bread we do not accept his feedback. There are no Indian restaurants where anybody ever serves packaged nan breads, even the small takeaways have a tandoori oven and we are no different. The bread came out of the tandoor fresh and we had traditional Peshwari paste made out of dates and almond, rather than using sugar and coconut powder. This gives a more natural taste and less use of sugar is a healthy choice.

    We accept that the mixed vegetable should have been with more varieties which due to the weekend opening and lack of delivery meant our dish was not to the standard we would have liked it to be and overall their experience was poor due to this factor. We therefore offered a free meal to try us again and reached out to the customer in all honesty.

    I think we have taken steps to do all we can possibly do within the time frame.

    As a new restaurant we envisage some minor discrepancies will happen but we hope to learn from these mistakes and improve our service and food continuously.

    We have not planned to serve ordinary cheap food in Moortown Leeds, and have taken the expense of hiring a chef from Madras in India, who has a huge amount of experience. All our dishes are different to other restaurants as these are not typical dishes you would find in other restaurants.

    So far we have had a great reception after our 250 plus guests on the opening night. We assure the entire forum readers that this is not another typical restaurant; we hope you will try as out and see for yourself our range of special dishes and the taste of our food, please do not let this one off experience put you off.

    We take great pride in cooking food for our customers as we enjoy the food ourselves and want you to do the same.

    We are keen to hear your views and experiences and I am available to be contacted anytime with your views and opinions.

    Cilantro Management
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  16. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    Here are the pictures of the Cilantro Indian Restaurant opening night party, over 200 people attended... www.bit.ly/dE1UM5 thank you to all you attended...

    Kind regards

    Cilantro Management
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  17. Undeeniable

    Undeeniable New Member

    Your place looks great. I'll be popping in with friends after my move :)
  18. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    We are settling down after the opening week mad rush, hope to see you soon.

    Many thanks for the comment.
  19. grafter

    grafter New Member

    The girls enjoyed their evening with you.
    I wish you every success in the future and once again thank you.
  20. nevben

    nevben New Member

    Whilst I agree with the post about the teething problems experienced on the opening night in relation to the fish situation. I find it difficult to believe access to fresh veg presented a problem. Surely if would have been better to access items not available from local shops if wholesalers would not deliver, as oppose to compromising, what they tell us, the excellence they boast. I do not know Moortown particularly well, but I think I could find even the salmon on sale at a local supplier. I hope that you plan ahead more should you be expecting a large number of diners, you were aware of how many would be coming in advance as people had to book. In short it is better to take things off the menu as oppose to compromising quality of the food. Good Luck
  21. cilantro

    cilantro New Member

    Grafter thanks for sending the three nice and polite ladies, we are still waiting to serve you.

    We accept the initial problems and have taken on board your comments.
    Thank you for going all the way from outside the area, am I right in guess you are from Beeston?
    I hope you will consider giving us another chance.. :)

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