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If you sell merch using PayPal...

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by TestToneAndy, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. TestToneAndy

    TestToneAndy New Member

    ...check this out, could save you a lot of £££:

    https://micropayments.paypal-labs.com/ *

    You can convert your existing account from 2.9%+30p per transaction to 5%+5p

    e.g. for a single MP3 download, sold from your site @ 79p, the following goes to PayPal:

    Regular: 2.9% + 30p = 32.291p (PayPal take 40% of your 79p)
    Micropayment: 5% + 5p = 8.95p (PayPal take 11% of your 79p)

    That's an extra 23p per download in your pocket! Worth checking out methinks... :)

    It's old news but not heavily advertised (it loses PayPal money, after all!) so I figured some of you wouldn't know about it.

    * I was directed there from this page on the PayPal site in case you're worried about it being a phishing scam!
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  3. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    I contacted paypal about this ages ago they said it no longer existed

    The other problem, anyway, is mp3 delivery
  4. TestToneAndy

    TestToneAndy New Member

    How strange - the info is still all there on the PayPal website. I only found it all this morning, after previous attempts to find out about it failed.

    So either the site is hideously out of date, or your support person was talking out of their arse.
    I'm gonna check back in a few days and see what happens to my account, anyway.

    Any idea what rates you pay Jon?

    Delivery of digital content is still an issue but the micropayments rate still applies to CDs, T-shirts etc. I used the individual MP3 download as an example as they are low-cost so a high cut goes to PayPal (40% in my example!)
  5. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    40%!?!? I pay about 12%. Using regular paypal.

    If you find somewhere which offers a solution to delivering mp3s from your website directly then please post it up, it'd be great to have the option of side-stepping itunes, etc.
  6. TestToneAndy

    TestToneAndy New Member

    It's 40% in my example due to the 30p (+2.9%) PayPal charge from a 79p sale.
    Obviously as the sale value goes up this percentage drops significantly (e.g. to ~20% on a £1.50 sale, ~10% on £3, etc).

    So your Hypertension CD @ £9.99 clocks in at about 67p / 6.7% (off top of my head)

    Was that your angle or am I missing something?

    I'm working on this, albeit sporadically at the moment. Gotta figure out the IPN stuff and work out how to deliver the actual MP3 once payment clears. I'll let you know if / when I suss it out.

    You could try asking Rob what he's got on the Yalla Yallas site & how it works... they have PayPal "Buy MP3" links on this page:

    Hope that helps
  7. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Yeah, Rob's site is great. I think he built it using an online company that basically does it for you, based on some templates.
  8. Rob Galloway

    Rob Galloway Member

    Yeah Jon/Andy I use some thing that does it all for me ... I just fill in the gaps etc and receive the money ... I only put the "Buy MP3" link up last week to see if it works and havent tested it or told anyone ... Generally I only sell T Shirts and CD's on the website something of a pysical product not a digital file as I'm not really a fan of all this digital downloading thing ... I've got a day off work tomorrow and will be doing some more work on the band and the website etc so will have a more extensive look for you there
  9. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Cheers Rob. If you can remind us of the company you use that does it all, let me know. Cos it looks really great, you can't tell it's made using some "acme build a band website" thing.
  10. TestToneAndy

    TestToneAndy New Member

    Just checked back at PayPal...
    So there you go :)
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi All,

    Cheers for the micro-payments info was spot on, just converted our account. We are just testing our MP3 store using PayPals IPN system before going live. I have got the payment and delivery bits sorted and can send customers a special link that can only be used twice in three hours, after that it won't let them download it to stop them sending it to friends. Took me months to sort all the programming out. If you need help with this I am happy to share it with other local bands for use in their own sites, but not commercial entreprises / labels as I am a web consultant during the day and should sell it really since it has took me months. You need a MySQL database and PHP. Our dev version is here:


    Each download needs a 30 second preview file then the version for download.

    If you test it don't buy items 6 onwards as the downloads have not been uploaded yet!

    Any advice on the design/UI would be apreciated as I am not a designer.

    We are thinking of moving this off our own site and setting up one for our label Recuring Accident which is a limited comany we set up to put all payments through etc for tax etc. We might be sharing this with a friends band. Would anyone else who is shoegaze/post-rock or psychadelia be interested in joining in the co-operative venture to lower costs and cross polination of fans? You could have your own customised page to match your website and you get an email everytime a download is sold. We would just take what we need for overheads for the servers, tax and paypal.

    Contact me via the email address on our website.


    Laboratory Noise
  12. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Dude that's amazing!

    The only complaint I have with your design is that it's pointless being able to sort columns in reverse! Sort A-Z or 1-10 makes sense, but why you'd want to do that in reverse I have no idea.

    As you can see, that is a very very minor complaint!

    Superb job.

    I will quite possibly call on your services sometime soon!
  13. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member


    because I think this is very very useful indeed and I don't want to lose the info here.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Cheers for the feedback, just contact me via the address on the band website when your ready!
  15. TestToneAndy

    TestToneAndy New Member

    Glad the micropayments info was of use.

    Was wondering - how long does it take IPN verification to complete? Was it fairly instantaneous / hours / days?

    Many thanks!
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  17. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Dude, I have one other little issue with your system there.

    You can't buy more than one mp3, there should be a "cart" system in place in my opinion. You buyt one and it goes straight to the paypal page.

    Also, what do people receive when the buy the EP? DO they get a folder with all the files and artwork in them?

    (PS your mp3s are (hopefully!) at 44.1kHz, not 41.1kHz)
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No, adding a cart would have been quite a lot more work and I did not think we really needed it at that point. Though furtehr down the line if I get itme I will implement this.

    They just get a zip file with the MP3s in, though it could include other stuff like artwork I suppose.

    Cheers for the sampling rate info I wondered why it all sounded so odd ;-)
  19. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Cheers for replying, most informative
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Paypal doesn't seem like the best way for MP3 delivery... iTunes & Spotify!
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This is system is not available in the UK

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