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I think I saw a Red Kite flying over Crossgates

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MrTempleDene, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. johnnykaos

    johnnykaos Member

    Those wood pigeons are very greedy birds and will often muscle in on domestic bird tables and scoff the entire lot of food left out leaving none for the smaller garden dwelling birds. However they make wonderful eating so if you can catch one and wring its neck you'll be doing the small birds a favour and getting a tasty dinner at the same time!
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  3. magpie

    magpie New Member

    Well yeh, there's also a lot of greedy people around, maybe we should wring their necks and eat them.
  4. johnnykaos

    johnnykaos Member

    hmm, I wouldnt go as far as cannibalism personally.
  5. Derc

    Derc New Member

    No reflection on the poster, but the worst bird we have to live with is the magpie, such a noisy, selfish, murdering bunch of feathered gangsters.
  6. bremner8

    bremner8 New Member

    We are plagued with Nazgul. Bloody things. Fifty foot wingspan, no manners and bad tempered as well. Curse Tolkien.
  7. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    They're only looking for virgins. Don't you have any round your end?

  8. bremner8

    bremner8 New Member

    Me. Well thats what my kids call me.
  9. straas

    straas New Member

    If he did, surely they wouldn't be virgins! :p
  10. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    We saw on today in all its glory swooping down on a garden. It must have been left food out and was so low that you could see all the colours of the bird. Amazing
  11. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    When we did historical events in the s**th of England we frequently saw enormous, noisy flying creatures overhead. Our Wise Man said that they were dragons, looking for virgins to take to their nest at Stansted or some other strange place.

    But, said the Wise One, they were always hungry, not many virgins in Essex, Kent - or even Berkshire ... :D
  12. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    I saw one a couple of days ago gliding low. At one point it tilted and I saw its back, it was very beautiful. I've seen thousands of kites, in Wales near Tregaron and in Yorkshire but always contre jour and from below. It was a rare privilege.

  13. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    That's a slur on his character, come on Bremmer, hit him!
  14. bremner8

    bremner8 New Member

    Slur away. Sticks and stones etc. Shows the lack of life in some people if they have to make fun of my sex life. My six children and six grandchildren all agree with me too.:biggrin:
  15. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    Well you've beaten us by one in the children department but we have far more grandchildren. We keep thinking that will be it but still they come ... and the novelty wears off.

    Unlike seeing a kite, which is always exciting!

  16. bremner8

    bremner8 New Member

    There is already one due in August. Still have two boys to mature so it could be more.
  17. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    I'm waiting for great grandchildren, when we were our oldest grandchildren's ages we had four children. They don't seem to know how to do it.

  18. closedaccount1

    closedaccount1 New Member

    Or perhaps they just know how to not do it. :icon_wink:
  19. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    Yes, too true :-( One daughter in law refuses to have children because she's googled and knows how awful and dangerous it is ... her mother has had at least four ...

    <sigh one great grandchild would be nice. The second - well - the third boring, more ppppphhhhhhhhwwwwww .......... >

    <looking through the window for a kite to keep it on topic>

    But off to bed. Inebriated. Disgraceful at my age.

  20. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Going to bed high as a kite, is keeping on topic Mary, no hanky panky, straight to sleep!
  21. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    Too tired for hanky panky. Shall be tonight too, two grandsons and their wags are coming to dine. I collected pork from the treetops.

    There's always tomorrow.

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