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Hello to the forum from newbie Crimson Folly

Discussion in 'Introductions & Celebrations' started by crimsonfolly, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. crimsonfolly

    crimsonfolly New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to sign up to what looks like a really interesting forum. Not much else to say yet, but I'm sure I will at some point.


    Crimson Folly.
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  3. Malky

    Malky New Member


    What an interesting user name is there any story behind it?
  4. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    hello and welcome crimson folly
  5. crimsonfolly

    crimsonfolly New Member

    Thanks for asking, but I'm afraid not really, I guess it really came about because Crimson is a colour of warmth and passion and folly is a bit of fun. So passionate fun I guess :).
  6. banjo banjo

    banjo banjo New Member

    Hi crimsonfolly

    Not sure we can take much more passionate fun around here but pleased to meet you. :icon_surprised:
  7. Leeds Gardener

    Leeds Gardener New Member

    Hi crimsonfolly and all those who I have not yet had chance to say hello to.
  8. HaichQD

    HaichQD New Member

    Hello everybody! Hope you all have a great rest of the day and a good week.
  9. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    hello and welcome mate

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