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Hello Leeds.

Discussion in 'Introductions & Celebrations' started by Sarkysod, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Sarkysod

    Sarkysod New Member

    Hi, just thought I would drop in to see what's happening. I was born in Leeds, but moved to Sheffield when only knee high to a grasshopper. I hope you don't hold it against me?
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  3. Croggy

    Croggy Cereal Forumer Staff Member

    Hello, sarky, welcome to the forum.
  4. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    Welcome to the forum...

    Pssttt, Hide all the Sheffield topics ;)
  5. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    Welcome on board sarky, hope you find it enjoyable.
  6. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Hi Sarky, welcome to the forum and (back) to Leeds. We are all Yorkies at heart. :icon_smile:
  7. Sarkysod

    Sarkysod New Member

    Thank you all for the lovely welcome, you do all seem to be a friendly lot.
  8. Bazzer

    Bazzer New Member

    You look like Jack Dee Sarky. It must be Sheffield, hey, no worries Mate.

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