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Government scraps HIPs (Home Information Packs)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Leeds Forum, May 21, 2010.

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    The coalition government (or ConLib, LibCon!) have announce immediate plans to scrap the HIP programme. I think most people are going to be pretty glad to hear about this, considering mortgage companies normally demanded their own searches anyway. I feel sorry for those who re-trained as inspectors for this...
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  3. scubatony

    scubatony New Member

    Re: Goodbye HIPs (Home Information Packs)!

    As a time served tradesman of many years, it was doomed to failure from the beginning.

    The reasons:-

    1 To costly

    2 The person undertaking the initial survey had to be trained up and there was a cost to that.

    3 Did it make properties sell quicker "NO"

    4 The only people to benefit were the surveyors doing that charging for their time.

    I have not done a count but I bet the total amount of actually completed HIPS is very low,compared to the time they were in existence.
  4. maxholloway

    maxholloway New Member

    Yes the HIP has been suspended (abolished) and is now replaced by the less cumbersome EPC.

    The good news is the EPC is cheaper, and you only have to have commissioned one in order to market your property. During which time you have 28 days to produce your EPC.

    Bad news. The energy assessors cannot afford to be doing EPC's for £40-£60 as after travel, labour, and the two years training there really isn't much of a salary there! so the price will be going up.

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