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God this forum is dead

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by cahill, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    Were you hacked? Happens all the time on some sites, that.
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  3. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    To give Sheffield Forum credit there is most of the time lively discussions on a broad number of subjects. Current world affairs is a favourite topic on most forums with a bit of give and take on both sides. This forum isn't quite as dull as the Yorkshire Expats which is dead from the neck up with very few members who bother to post much anymore
  4. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    It is.
    The problem I have with Sheffield Forum is that it is simply too busy: a vast number of posts which I have no interest in whatsoever and it is too much of a trawl to find the ones I do want to look at.
    Also the threads that are interesting tend to get clogged with idiocy and trollishness.

    Find a way to crack those problems and it'll be nigh on perfect...
  5. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    I defecated from the Sheffield forum a long time ago after I discovered British Expats., not just for expats either. It's world wide and of course includes discussions on current UK affairs. It's also on a higher plain of intelligence than the SF which seems mostly to attract a lot of old Marxists and zenophobes

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