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Getting the most out of your single/EP/album release...

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Danny Boy, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy New Member

    Hi all

    We've expanded what we do at my label Saint In The City Records & are working with bands/artists on their single/EP/album releases. As a successful independent musician who makes his living from music, I've built up an excellent understanding & knowledge of every aspect of the industry over my career - and now we want to help other bands have successful releases & grow their careers.

    If you haven't heard of me/Saint In The City (and so you know this isn't some sort of Nigerian Prince-style scam) - over the last 4 years I've released 3 albums (2 of which charted in iTunes Top 20), had national/international press coverage, radio airplay with Radio 2/6Music/XFM/huge stations in Australia & the USA, toured the UK/USA, played a range of festivals, heard my music on major TV shows in the UK/USA, built a fanbase of thousands...and so on. I'm at http://www.danielpearson.net if you want to have a look.

    What we're looking for is bands who are serious about what they do & who want to work on building their career. We work collaboratively with you on whatever you might need (that could be planning/guiding you through an effective release period, working on press/publicity, maximising your social media activities, putting a tour together - the possibilities are varied & different for each project) with the end product of you being able to achieve your goals & having a much better chance of getting where you want to be.

    Think of it as short term project management for bands - that sounds a bit odd, but it's getting great results for the acts we're already working with & it's a unique service that we're offering.

    If you're interested, drop an email to info@saintinthecity.com with some brief info & music links. We only work with guitar-based bands/artists (that's a wide net from acoustic to indie to metal) because that's where our expertise lies, and we only work with music we think has a realistic chance of being successful (because we're not dodgy Cowell-style sharks).

    Thanks folks!
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