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First Leeds Monopoly on Buses Petition

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by martin, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. martin

    martin Member

    I know there has been talk about the state of the public transport network in Leeds and how expensive / poor the service is. For those of you who are effected by this I met some students this week who have started a campaign to change the way operating licenses are awarded.

    For more information and to sign the petition visit http://www.fairerfares.co.uk

    Remember to 'Like' them on their facebook page too. Good to see more people standing up to the First bullies.

    One quick thing, I found it highly amusing that one of the people signing the petition on Thursday was a first bus driver who had just finished work. Seems none likes First, not even their own employees! :icon_lol:
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  3. KooK

    KooK New Member

    Other companies are now starting to take over some of the routes First used to do, Transdev and Centrebus, not really improved anything though, prices are still the same and you can't use your day rider on all the buses.

    I got on one in Chapel A a little while ago the driver was mega early and we told him/her so (couldn't figure out the gender!) then asked us which way to go! Why is it so hard to roll out and Oyster card system?!
  4. martin

    martin Member

    Most of the routes which other companies are taking over are ones which used to be subsidised by Metro. Center bus for example said they could run many routes without being paid to do it.

    The really rubbish thing is where two buses run the same route at different times of the day. I go to work in the morning on a First bus (when the route is profitable so First want to do it.) Then when I come home after work its Center bus because they offered to run it without subsidy. Now through no fault of my own I have to pay £5 for a days ticket because it's run by different companies. To go 3 miles in each direction...

    For anyone who is interested you can compare the ROI of bus companies in and outside London. Interesting how TFL regulates things differently...http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/regional/buses/profitability/pdf/report.pdf

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