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Family History

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by alfb, May 27, 2011.

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  1. alfb

    alfb New Member

    Have you a Family History thread?
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  3. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    not as a know of, why not start one mate
  4. tandrash

    tandrash New Member

    I would be interested in a family history thread. I have dabbled a bit and have got quite a fair bit back. I assume there are family members still in Leeds.
  5. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    You could always start a thread in the Leeds Section, if it becomes popular we could turn it into a sticky or put it's own thread in the Leeds Interests section.
  6. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    It's an interesting subject, could be a winner, though only if the thread is about your own family!:icon_wink:
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