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Did you see me busking in town

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by Technogee, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Joblerone71

    Joblerone71 New Member

    Well, Technogee, you've been asked extremely politely to move because you are repeatedly keeping a 2 year old awake, but your reaction beggars belief. You've made yourself look quite the tw@t - not exactly the outcome you needed from this thread.

    Perhaps there is time to turn it around, and do as these very reasonable people suggest? Bit of empathy wouldn't go amiss.
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  3. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I remember the big fat guy who used to sell flowers on Briggate in the 60s who was always getting arrested for obstruction and peddling without a licence. Beggars were always moved on and drunks picked up
    It seems the law has gone soft on this type of things. There isn't a whole lot of difference between begging and busking, both are generally annoying and an easy way of tax avoidance.
    If you are really playing that late at night it can only be a few drunks who find it entertaining and give you money because they feel sorry for you.
    You wouldn't get past the first round of X factor

    It seems that the Resident has been very tolerant so far but other people would have phoned the Benefits Inspector to check on your income and claims.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  4. Joblerone71

    Joblerone71 New Member

    You're also making yourself look more than a little difficult to work with - do you need to create that perception when you are looking for a recording contract?

    Moving along to the church as suggested wouldn't hurt you, and would help two people with a young child who have explained their situation very patiently and reasonably to you.
  5. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    I am willing to meet all residents concerned and talk like adults ( Joblerone!!!). I will not be busking today as I have got a gig tonight at Moor town Ruby club. Until next time peace apon you ;o)
  6. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Good news for Park Row residents, they can catch up on a few zzzzzzzs
    Moortown Ruby don't take your love to town ..... :frown: :frown:
  7. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    most of the people positively like what I am doing. However some guy complained around Christmas time so I moved on. To be Only moved on by other people. Since I have been on Park row since Christmas time a lot of people like what I am doing- No complaints .
    So Don't get carries way with emotion that people complain to me all the time which they DON'T. Last Christmas and now.
    By the way the bus is a lot louder than my amp. So if the resident can hear the bus they may hear my amp.
    Not getting a proper job and getting constantly rejected every day drove me to busking. In whole is a positive thing to rock, Apart from some jealous people who only can moan. They never spent time and day to study musik. which I have done.
    Rock n roll anit noise pollution. Just your hate Is !!!!!!!!!!:icon_confused:
  8. Leedslass

    Leedslass New Member

    Why do you need to meet them Technogee! They have already tried speaking to you like an adult by the sound of it and you chose to ignore it. Shame on you! Why don't you act like an adult and move along the road and give the family some peace!

    You seem to be doing enough gigs. Are you sure you are still classified as unemployed? And why do you need an amp? You're only playing to a load of drunk people walking past.

    Keep your image clean if you want a recording contract and get yourself on X Factor. I don't think Simon Cowell goes drinking down wetherspoons on park row!

    Good luck Park Row resident. I've had experiences with noisy neighbours so don't even want to think about that type of noise every night past 11pm! Takes over your life and is just plain ignorance. Some people have no respect!
  9. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Point is is the bus is louder than my amp. They can hear the bus . They bound hear my guitar amp which is not all that loud. This is all blown out of portion.
    If you live near load of pubs and restaurants you will noise. So why don't they tell the bus to shut up.
    Just have a go at a some who enjoy playing musik- Sad lot. Got nothing better to moan moan - GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!
  10. Leedslass

    Leedslass New Member

    You nasty nasty ignorant man! You are clearly missing and never going to get this mans point!

    Good luck with your music career because IF you ever made it the media would have a field day knowing that you knew you were tormenting someone and didn't react. I remember a girl getting kicked out of x factor because she was a bully. Byebye music career!

    Good luck Park Row resident! Sounds like you need it.
  11. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    The point is Technogee, that you amp is louder than the busses and by quite a margin. Im sorry if I sound a little aggravated in this response but you are clearly not getting this. Once again, your amp is LOUDER than the busses. Why would I be wasting my time and lying about this? It stuns me to think that you would just ignore our pleas and waffle on about the busses, the busses do not bother us, your amp blasts through our window and does bother us - end of story.

    I know that you see us as Rock & Roll haters but in fact you would be fabulously clear of the mark (and not the first time) on that one. Before the arrival of our little girl, we had visited Glastonbury for the previous 10 years, as well as many other festivals, and regularly attend gigs in Manchester and Leeds - Woods last week at Brudenell and Beirut next week at the Academy, looking forward to it.

    I am currently putting on Indie nights at the Musiquarium, gathering local Leeds talent and sending off all the door proceeds to Frank Water Projects in India. This is a non-profit stunt, which I do because I enjoy music and I enjoy getting to know other music lovers, not to mention helping the charity.

    In fact, I would say that I tend to sculpt what time, I do have free, around music. My vast collection ranges from Sixto Rodriguez right through to Nicolas Jaar a new wave Mexican/New Yorker who is quite possibly the strangest, yet most genius music writer I have come across - I even have a couple of ELO tracks in my collection, although I probably wont be listening to those again anytime soon.

    Let me break it down for you:

    Park Row Bars/Pubs - controlled noise (cant hear them)

    Drunk People - they are drunk people, so what its not noisy (the mellow sound of a crowd can actually be quite therapeutic)

    Buses - what can I say, they are busses and they make bus noises as they come and go - I don't care.

    Brudenell Social Club - controlled noise (very loud but controlled)

    Leeds Academy - controlled noise (very loud but controlled)

    Glastonbury - controlled noise (very loud but controlled)

    Your Amp - not controlled noise and sounds like a noisy neighbour blasting out music. So if it sounds like a noisy neighbour blasting out music, then I will treat it as an infliction on my families personal space and complain, fair enough Id say.

    The answer is simple Technogee, just move down the street. You are saying that this has been blown out of proportion. Of course it has - if you had just respected our wishes initially, you would not have to be writing in defence and clutching at your dwindling straws.

    A few points before I go:

    You amp is loud, much louder than the busses.

    Your amp is designed to amplify your music and is somewhat louder than the busses. The buildings amplify it further, its really loud by this stage.

    Definition of amplify (this is your amp): to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend (taken from the Oxford Dictionary).

    How can you miss the point on so many levels? You want to play your music loud in Park Row, there are residents in Park Row. Your music is louder than anything else in the street by a long way, there-by making it anti-social and damaging to others lives. Morally you have not got a leg to stand on, how can you think that you do? I just don't get it??

    Can you honestly say that you would not move for the sake of ruining someones life over the weekend (and the run up to with the apprehension of you returning)?? CAN YOU HONESTLY SAY THAT??

    Maybe you should tell me your address Technogee, I could arrange a band to do a few sets outside your home? PUT YOURSELF IN OTHERS SHOES, its a good way of gauging respect for others.

    Park Row Resident

    @Everyone else, thank you for the support. You are obviously respectful people. @Derc, my head is bouncing off concrete - this is hard work.
  12. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    Just one more thing Technogee.

    How can you say that you have your amp down at a reasonable level? You stand next to it the whole time of playing, so how can you possibly know how loud it is?

    Park Row Resident
  13. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    LeedsLass - You really don't know be to call me Nasty and ignorant. You say keep thing clean and call me a bully. I in my right to complain about put on this thread as cyber bullying to Leeds Forum. Especially the thing you have written.
    I would rather meet the resident in person if there concerns are genuine. I find strange it's left well over 8 months for anyone say anything.
    I have busked in different location. However I have been threatened and swore at. I feel safe at H.S.B.C know that they have CCTV camera should anything happen. Sometimes people make trouble. I don't make a lot of money at other location. Park Row seems ok. I receive lots of positive comment even from Jamie Oilver restaurant. The Park location it's easy for me to get the bus home at 11.00 P.M

    Park Row Resident- My amp is not louder than a bus. I have my amp on mark 2 on the volume. And I direct it away from any resident flats Will my bag shield any back noise. You say you host local musician event. So why the resent when I play the guitar. When you say you like going to festivals. Why don't you give me gig ? If you give me gig then no need for he to busk on Park Row. Like on Saturday night I did a free gig at Moor town. You say you support Indian Frank Water Charity . Good I originate from India.
    I drink at The Brudenel sometimes. So we have something common. If genuinely your daughter cannot sleep. I will move on. However I have been taken for a ride and lied to that why I rather meet you face to face, so that I know what your say to is real.This why I feel so reluctant.
    No hard feeling. Long live Rock n Roll :icon_rolleyes:
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  14. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    LeedsLass - You really don't know be to call me Nasty and ignorant. You say keep thing clean and call me a bully. I in my right to complain about put on this thread as cyber bullying to Leeds Forum. Especially the thing you have written.

    Is cyber bullying worse than bullying by noise?
    Leeds Lass does know you.
    Mathew 7:10 you shall be known by your fruits.

    What this means is that you are judged by your actions. You have been judged and found wanting.
  15. Leedslass

    Leedslass New Member

    Sorry Technogee, I didn't mean to hurt you with those words but I was just shocked that you couldn't see the damage your playing was causing these poor people. I don't think it was anything to do with hate against your music but I know from experience how annoying a sound can be when it takes over your life. The buses probably only cause a moment of annoyance but hours of the same sound must be very torturous.

    Anyway sounds like you're going to do the right thing and move along the road so well done for showing some respect!
  16. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    LeedsLass - Apology accepted xx
    I know If I move on to other location as suggested it will less safer and I will take less money. They are gangs of drunken thugs walking around at the weekend. At H.S.B.C I know their CCTV Should any serious trouble kick off. Which as been close sometimes plus I can nip in to Tesco to get any food I need. That's why I like Park Row.
    I think I will try Corn exchange or Revival as Park row Resident suggested. See What happens at these locations.
    About this forum. I have written Leeds life and recession blues. Not many artist have written about Leeds. Because of me- No one interested.
    Oh yes this issues people have woke up a few forum member to moan to make a bad name out me. However I am used to this type putting down. That what it's like in Britain no opportunity plenty of people to kick you in head.
    I will still playing Come every body - Eddie Cochran
    Rock n roll is king ;o)
  17. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    However I am used to this type putting down. That what it's like in Britain no opportunity plenty of people to kick you in head

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others. This is still the best country in the world for opportunity when you finally realise it's all down to you and nobody else.
    What country are you from? Would you rather be back there?
    You need skill,education, motivation,drive and a vision. Learn that by giving other people what they want you will get what you want.

    Or,as in the lyrics of that great Rolling Stones song ,you can't always get what you want but you just might find,you get what you need
  18. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    OK Technogee, I suggest that you take on board what ParkRowResident has to say, he's been pretty decent about the whole situation, surely you can take his gripes seriously? How would you feel if you couldn't get to sleep through nuisance noise?

    Also, you seem to take his complaint as an attack against your music, which he categorically states is not the problem.

    I have seen / heard you play first hand when you've been busking outside the Church at the bottom of Park Row and know exactly what he means by the "drone" that your amp makes from a distance.
  19. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    Hi PRR, i'm assuming you have contacted the council and made a complaint about the noise? If not here is the link to do so :

  20. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    Thank you Dervish99, we are already a fair way down that route so we are holding out.

    Just to put things into perspective, I measured how far I am asking Technogee to move along the street from HSBC and Mill Hill Church (where there are no residents, but still on Park Row!) and the distance is........82 adult paces.

    So after 82 paces you have more people to play to (being on the edge of City Square), its closer to the bus home, there is a burger van for food, more illumination and there are more security cameras than you can wave a plectrum at. Not really too sure what the fuss is about.


    Park Row Resident
  21. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    I like this song. I played in our band practice.
    http://youtu.be/nvlTJrNJ5lA - I won't back down- Tom Petty
    If you been reading my last reply I will be looking at other location to busk.

    Park Row Resident. Yes it's true I busk outside during the day. At night time it's different. There's aggressive tramp with his pit bull dog. I had a few harsh words from is his aggressive behaviour. The CCTV camera only point to main junction. When people are acting rude or violent- They sometimes swear, throw coins at me. I don't know whether a gang of lads are going to friendly or aggressive. Luckily most are friendly. There have been a few risky moments where lads have been aggressive through drink & drugs The camera is always point the wrong way outside Mill Hill Church. I do fell safe out side H.S.B.C. To walk up to the Headrow to get my bus at 11.05 P.M
    I hope you can understand my reasons for being at H.S.B.C.
    In life one door closes and another door open. Whether is a good or bad change. I will find out when I open the door.
    If I get evicted because of rent arrears. Then I make sure I will sleep on Park Row. My snoring is a lot louder than my amp. I hope I make just as much on Park row. Only time will tell.
    Good bye:::icon_neutral:

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