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Did you see me busking in town

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by Technogee, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Hi every one,
    I have just wrote 4 songs last year, Recession blues, Does it matter, Leeds Life and E.L.O my favourite band. Here a u tube clip of "E.L.O my favourite band" - http://youtu.be/L2lPQSwlPZk recorded at Leeds city square this month. xx/;o)xxxxx>
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  3. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

  4. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Wow..... one son of a cool dude, :hey: and what an inspiration to a 14 year old :icon_wink:
    Liked your version of the Lonnie Orbison song. Keep 'rockin n'trollin' and say elo to Sheff,
    when you go on tour.
  5. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    I'm glad you liked the video. However you seem to have a few odd misconceptions. My music appeal to everyone not just to teenagers. Lonnie Orbison? Never heard of such person did you meant Roy Orbison ? . It's keep Rock n rolling not trolling. And Finally who is Sheff ?
  6. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I think he meant you were combination of Roy Orbison and Lonnie Donegan. A great compliment.
  7. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Thanks Bew for translating correctly. I've just been back to page 3 and apologise, the 14 y.old mentioned,
    was a 9 y.old, who should really be studying, so as not to end up on the streets busking.
    I don't think you mentioned what your previous career was, but I respect anybody who turns self employed.
    If I dropped a cheque in to your collection box, could you issue a receipt for my accountant ?
    The Sheff bit refers to my old mate Halliclone who likes you a lot and was asking when you were appearing in Sheffield.
    Still not sure who's rockin and who's trollin. :icon_confused:
  8. leedsgirl123

    leedsgirl123 New Member


    I really like your stuff! Do you buck often around leeds?
    I've seen a family of buskers near Harvey Nichols, do you know them?
  9. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    I have seen this family of buskers. I don't know them personally. I'm glad you like musik. I am in the process of recording it. You can see some times busking at the weekend at city square by Mill Hill church near the Train station. Say Hello when you see me. :icon_lol:
  10. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Good news guys I have just released a single on itunes called "E.L.O my favourite band.Onlly 79p to down load. It's also available on amazon. Your support is appreciated.
    I hoping to release a few more singles later watch this space.:hey:
  11. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

  12. Mcyclone

    Mcyclone Registered User

    Just cheers and give the best from what you have as god known when it work for you and put you at top.

    So best of luck with your list I am sure you really gonna rock all.
  13. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Weldone looks really good, nice time I am in town I will come and see you.
  14. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Most of the times I busk outside Mill Hill church bottom of Park Lane across the railway station. Come and say hi to me and drop £20 if your feeling really good ;o)
  15. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    Hi Technogee.

    Being a music lover myself, I respect your passion for rock and roll and under other circumstances would really enjoy your tunes.

    However your weekly performance outside HSBC is ruining my family's life, and not because of your music but because of the loud drone (not insulting your playing, thats just what it sounds like once it reaches us) that your amp makes. What you do not realise is that although it may seem quiet from where you are, the sound bounces off the buildings and straight through our window much more amplified than at street level - meaning that every weekend my 2 year old cannot sleep to her normal routine, and my wife, who only works weekends, is also disrupted.

    We appreciate we live on a busy street but the only noise that we here, that actually disrupts us, is your music which is higher than our TV (and at times our ear plugs which we have tried).

    "At the moment no licence is required. Most busker in Leeds City centre respect each other and do not want create to much disturbance. I know most of the busker in Leeds and work with them to not create any dis chord."

    This was one of your comments in the thread, however we have both been down on separate occasions to ask you to turn down the amp and you seem to not care - despite the fact we have told you we have a child.

    Through the day you can be seen in City Square, what is to stop you from busking there at night? A small difference to you, would make a huge difference to us and the other residents of Park Row.

    I hope you can take this on board without taking insult - as we said we can appreciate what you are doing and think that buskers should be able to play, just in the right locations.

    Thank you for your time in reading this.
  16. Ollievision

    Ollievision Member

    You haven't said what time the disturbance occurs, Park Row resident? Surely he isn't busking at night?
  17. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    Hes right outside now and it is 22:55 on Friday night, the one and only reason for signing up to this blog and spending the time doing it. Its ruining our lives.

    My wife has been speaking to the Council and City Management about licenses.
  18. Ollievision

    Ollievision Member

    hmm...that is a bit late Technogee!
  19. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Sorry To hear what's happening to this Park Row Resident. However the buses make more noise than my amp. There people yelling and shouting which louder than my amp. I only bush for 2 hour or less at the weekend. I receive lots of positive comment and people do enjoy the music and my guitar playing changes the atmosphere to charismatic happy party moody.
    If this Park row Residents want peace and tranquillity. They are located in the wrong place. Perhaps in the country side would be suited.
    I am aware of the residents concerns and the volume is kept to a minimum and the amp is always facing all from the resident flats.
    For me playing at the weekend helps me pay the bills and get myself sorted out. Even I was not there park row is a lively loud place at night traffic buses people shouting, night club (Slug n Lettuce ) playing music. Greek St etc
    Maybe if someone can give me a proper job or recording contract then my busking will come to end. ;o:)frown:
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  20. Park Row Resident

    Park Row Resident New Member

    It seems as though you have not read my message Technogee. I am not saying that people do not like your music or that you shouldn't busk, I am saying that it is causing us disruption and aggravation. There are two types of noise when being a resident of Park Row:

    1. Background noise: Yes you can here buses, cars, people etc...this is what I would consider to be normal background noise. When we viewed the flat, before purchase, we were aware of all of these normalities, as we could hear them.

    2. Loud, anti-social noise: Noise that can be constantly heard above our TV, book, mind and from every place in our flat - from the front door to the windows.

    We are not after tranquility and peace, however we are not after a constant blurb of noise blasting through our window every weekend, sometimes until past 11pm. If you are in any doubt about the noise that you are creating, you are welcome to visit our home, to switch places - we would do this to show you how loud it is.

    As said in our original thread, we have no issue with you playing Technogee but when your life is disrupted like this and it becomes out of your control, it also becomes very stressful and can begin to take over your life, with the apprehension of the guitar noises returning. As you refuse to see our point, we are almost seeing your playing as somewhat malicious - especially when you could just move along to Mill Hill Church. Once again, the buildings act as an amplifier and just boost your own amp noise as it is deflected off the buildings, maybe you could do some research on how noise is amplified for a better understanding?

    There are residents from HSBC right up to Bierkeller, so you should really be playing in accordance with Leeds Code of Conduct, respect that and move on when asked - which is what we have done previously and now you have it in writing.

    My Dad is in the same, unemployed, position as you Technogee and as a previously self-employed UK taxpayer cannot receive help from the government, however he manages to get by with the odd job - so you are not the only person and we understand your need for money. If you busked outside 'Revival', then surely you would catch crowds from Park Row, Boar Lane, Wellington Street and the Station - just a suggestion.

    Trust me Technogee, I wouldn't spend my Friday night/Saturday morning writing threads if the noise was manageable. You say its kept to a minimum, I, as a Park Row resident, am telling you its not - I am the one it is disturbing and you are not in the position to say that.

    I would just like to say, do not be under the illusion that people who live on Park Row are minted, this is inaccurate. We live in a one bed flat, because we cannot afford the £400 a month travel costs, to go to work in shifts which in turn pays for our child and home. Although we work very hard, we cant afford a house in the country and cant afford a car.

    Thanks for your response, even if it was unhelpful and somewhat wide of the point, as it will help in our case to the Council.

    Park Row Resident

    Ps. Just for your information I have never once heard music from any of the bars along the Park Row or Greek St as I am sure it is regulated in accordance with the surroundings.
  21. Derc

    Derc New Member

    What polite and roundly worded letters you write PPRes. You must work in the diplomatic circle. The OP can't even hear his own out of tune noise, pity your well crafted letters, are bouncing off, like noise off concrete. Good luck with your case.

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