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Debut album by a.me out soon on NextPhase:Normal Records

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by Matt R, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Matt R

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    a.me (pronounced "aymee") is the combined project of Amy Hearn and former Blanche Hudson Weekend drummist, producer and programmer, Matt Robson.

    We have our debut album due out soon for release on Next Phase: Normal Records, which we are super-excited about.

    Have a giggle over our press release and have a listen to some of our music...

    Cast against a backdrop of the very late period of capitalism, as the last doors of opportunity close against the faded liberal dream, and arched backs of resentment fold into themselves in wariness of The Other, a.me seek to map out a sort of outsider-pop to chart the obtuse sensation of living through end times.

    Navigating a course through the impossibleness of love in a digitally mediated world through to the uncanny sense of displacement of life amongst the banality of endless corporate spaces, a.me seek not to lament a past that is lost, rather a future that remains undelivered.
    Driven in equal parts by a love of indie pop and electronic music through to the sampling bricolage of hip hop, "Crocus" was made under the influence of New Order, Zizek, The Fieldmice, Cixous, Burial, Derrida, J-Dilla and Barthes to produce a melancholic yet ultimately stirring and uplifting electronic post-pop that never forgets to place melody and the song at the core of its being.

    Crocuses, harbingers of spring, they're the first flowers to poke through the soil, sometimes even when snow is still on the ground. Diminutive yet unshowy, they suggest a narrative of renewal.

    ARTIST: a.me
    ALBUM TITLE: "Crocus"
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