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Costco Membership

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by whitedog, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. whitedog

    whitedog New Member

    I've had some forms to join this place for eons but never got round to it. I run a small business so qualify for a card but - is it worth it?

    Anyone a member? Just wondered what kind of things you might find cheaper than anywhere else that would make it worthwhile.
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  3. pk014b7161

    pk014b7161 New Member

    we use costco they have some great stuff at good prices im not for shopping but if gerts going there i allways go and they have excellent customer service
  4. grafter

    grafter New Member

    i used to be a member, you have to pay. called with a mate last sunxay still unimpressed, certainly not cheap in general .you may get a day pass so you could have a look first.
  5. pk014b7161

    pk014b7161 New Member

    i find they are ok i got some garden ornements twice as good as you get from the big garden centers and a hell of a lot cheaper and their food stuffs nice the scotch beef is right tasty
  6. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    I use them for everything! I like just being able to park right outside, you don't need a coin for a trolley and the place is nice and spacious. Even the parking spaces are big so your car doesn't get a nice dent in the side.

    The meat is amazing like you said - it's all aberdeen angus etc.

    I like the fresh fruit there too.

    5 year guarantee on all tvs is free - they only sell named brands like sony etc,.
    As for "cheap", no, not cheap. Really top quality gear for less money than elsewhere.

    Go have a look for free, nowt to lose plus they're always giving out free snap!!!
  7. whitedog

    whitedog New Member

    Free snap, eh? Right - I'll definitely go and have a look round, then. :)

    Thanks all.
  8. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    is this chain only in leeds???
  9. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

  10. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    They are number 25 on the fortune 500!! one of the biggest and highest grossing companies in the world, i think they must be doing something right.

    i bought this from them for £6, it's £13.50 in house of fraser!!


    I was there last week and the range of bbqs is good, from £40 to about £2000, one of them even has a hand wash sink lol.
  11. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    I've just got some info thru my door too, probably the same as yours inviting me to an open day on 30th April?? Free snap for sure, last time I went to one they had a massive buffet on so you could try stuff. It had cilantro prawns, giant pizzas, steak burgers. MMMMMMM

    That was on top of all the women giving out samples (not literally)
  12. factoringhelpline

    factoringhelpline New Member

    :nod:I love costco, mainly becuase you can get a refund on any item (apart from computers and TVs). My company has an account there. i also like costco cause they give free coffee \ tea, cakes every morning....gratis
  13. terenced

    terenced New Member

    Costco are amazing, excellent for food when you are entertaining, they stock some truly amazing products and if you have a large family their catering sized packs are very economical..

    I bough some Ralph Lauren presciption specs at £129 complete with lenses, in Leeds City Centre they were £300 plus!
  14. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    Having a great BBQ today thanks to the stuff from Costco - anybody tried the BBQ chicken kebabs? They look really good
  15. pk014b7161

    pk014b7161 New Member

    try their pizza,s and their scotch burgers :nod:
  16. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    Got some of those too. We had them a few weeks back and they were gorgeous,so much better than normal frozen/supermarket burgers.

    I'm getting hungry just thinking about it
  17. kiansdad

    kiansdad New Member

    i do not find them much cheaper on most goods, if your not a business i cannot be bothered buying a case of 24 items just to save a few pennies on each bottle/item
    i prefer makro
  18. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member


    I suppose it depends how firmly you've got your finger on the retail pulse! I mean, I really really know pricing.

    At ASDA it's £3.48 for 4 x 500ml bottles of coke which makes them 87p each.

    At Costco it's £11.94 for 24 x 500ml bottles of coke which makes them 50p each.

    That's a saving of £8.94 of 24 bottles like for like. I think that's a tremendous saving when you're comparing it to Walmart.

    Makro are cheap for sure but it tends to be on brands you've never heard of but like for like with Costco on price they are much more pricey.

  19. pk014b7161

    pk014b7161 New Member

    i dont think you can beat costco for quality vfm & customer service
  20. Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning Agents New Member

    I completely agree.

    OP - did you go to the open day?
  21. L33DS

    L33DS Registered User

    you can get great deals.

    and you can find stuff other shops do not sell.

    but some things i think are cheaper in say a supermarket.

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