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coda+crown of cerebellum+nova hands+sax a dan+gurilla miner+mr garyc and lewis - 5th mar

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by doc, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. doc

    doc Active Member

    7pm mr garyc and lewis

    7.40 guerrilla miner

    8.20 sax a dan

    8.45 .nova hands
    9.35 crown of cerebellum
    10.20 sax a dan

    10.40 coda

    £4.00 or £3.00 with flyer at the primrose meanwood road

    £2.00 pints , 2.40 doubles and sky sports
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  3. alfonse

    alfonse Member

    good do that was, thanks for having GM doc :)

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