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chapel fm words fest 15-17 apr

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by doc, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. doc

    doc Active Member

    mid day sunday i am hosting a 30min show bringing the writing of lyrics to chapel fm words fest after i took poetry to the musicathon

    taking part so far are matt and steph (bird man stone , and sullivan fox if a couple more people would like to be involved
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
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  3. doc

    doc Active Member

    al leeming added
  4. JoeW

    JoeW Member

    I'm going to be involved with some stuff for this festival too. Definitely taking part in a Poetry Slam on Saturday 16th, 9.15 - 10.45, and maybe some of the other events going on over the weekend.
  5. alfonse

    alfonse Member

    oh bugger, I go abroad (again) on the 15th…..arse bags
  6. doc

    doc Active Member

    jackson lake also to be interviewed sunday
  7. doc

    doc Active Member

    thanks to birdman stone, jackson lake and sullivan fox for helping out at chapel fm yesterday

    can be heard on the listen again

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