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CD Duplication services?

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Anonymous, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Sam R

    Sam R Member

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    Club Smith
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    Hi Ross - I need you for a short run duplication if you can still do it...in an asap turnaround...I've emailed you on the address below! Thanks!

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  3. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Re: short run cd duplication?

    There's this or there's Lazer Beam up at Eiger, who were great too.

    The problem we found with doing them ourselves was that the printing on the CD bit (by the special CD printer thing) takes fucking forever and doesn't look amazing unless it's really basic text (in which case it doesn't look amazing). Fine for something basic but if you're going to flog it you might as well spend a couple extra quid on it.
  4. ToxicJosh

    ToxicJosh New Member

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    Gama Bomb, NOFX
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    It's certainly not fast, but I think if you go for a simple design (and avoid using too much ink for the sake of your wallet) you do get a good result. You can get very good results if you take the extra effort to make 100% sure that your printer heads are clean and properly aligned though.

    Maybe I'm just cheap, but why would you spend £2 a disk when you can get almost the same result for a tenth of the price and some time?

    It's much lower risk as well going DIY: just make as many as you think you'll need. You never have to worry about over production and ending up with a living room full of CDs you'll never sell.

    Plus for 20p, you may as well give them away (in exchange for an email address, of course) and have it as part of your marketing plans.
  5. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Re: short run cd duplication?

    Who's paying £2 a disc?

    Why would I spend the money? Because I want something that looks nicer than something I could achieve at home; because I don't currently have time/can't currently be arsed to burn discs over and over; because I know I'll sell them; etc.
  6. ToxicJosh

    ToxicJosh New Member

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    Gama Bomb, NOFX
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    When I last checked duplication prices it was just shy £2 a pop for 100 disks. That said though, I think that was with inserts and cases, so not a fair comparison.

    Just did a quick search and it was nearly £1 a disk, so going DIY is still 5x cheaper.

    And ultimately if you think that represents good value then fair enough, but my view is that going DIY is much better value.

    Although, when the times comes to producing a CD with insert in a proper case I probably would look for a duplication service, or at the very least speaking to printers about printing the inserts and bulk buying the cases and assembling them myself.

    I just think that if you're selling a CD at the £2-4 mark, your profit margins are going to be so tight, that every penny saved is worth going for.

    Say you're doing a run of 100 disks, selling at £3. If you expect to sell (sake of argument) 50, with 50 as spares and stock you'd be looking at:


    Outgoings: £19 + time (assuming equipment is already bought)
    Sales: £150
    Profit: £131


    Outgoings: £96
    Sales: £150
    Profit: £54

    Difference between DIY and Duplication: £77 + time

    Obviously that's assuming you only sell half, but my belief is that you should only ever budget to sell half (if not less) and any extras are pure profit. And that's comparing like for like on the duplication.

    Is a couple of hours the night before each gig worth £77? I'd say so.

    But obviously this is just my own line of reasoning
  7. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Re: short run cd duplication?

    You'd pick an argument with a brick wall mate. Sam asked for short-run CD places. He's got a couple to go at now. Nice one.
  8. Tom Russia

    Tom Russia New Member

    Re: short run cd duplication?

    Pretty much anything would be cheaper if you DIY'd it: plumbing, carpentry, cosmetic surgery, vehicle maintainance, food production, electrical repair, hosiery, fishing etc.
  9. Pteroglyph

    Pteroglyph New Member

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    Your mother
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    I've used these guys a couple of times https://short-run.co.uk/

    May not be the cheapest but the turn around and quality is pretty good, also you can modify your quote to work out cheaper for your needs.

    For example, I ordered 100 full colour printed discs and inlays and just used some old cases from a previous musical venture and burnt them myself on my PC.
    Saved myself about £50 doing it that way! Bit of a ball ache putting it all together but if you're skint and want high quality prints it might be an option!
  10. ToxicJosh

    ToxicJosh New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Gama Bomb, NOFX
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    That, or I was presenting another low price option that may not have ocurred to them.

    After all, I didn't attack anybody who goes for distribution, or use falacious ad hominem attacks, I just presented the arguments in favour of DIY.
  11. djdiscs

    djdiscs New Member

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    We are Liverpool based CD duplication company that offers the lowest prices in CD duplication in the UK!

    We have a huge sale on right now at Democds.co.uk just in time for the festival season!

    Check out our website to find out more and to order!

  12. robertbarry

    robertbarry New Member

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    radiohead acdc
  13. MarcPollitt84

    MarcPollitt84 Well-Known Member

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    Two Gallants
  14. Gemmaeve

    Gemmaeve New Member

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    One Republic
    Hi, I notice you were asking about short run CD Digipaks. I run a company called Gillies Audio. We produce both the printed & duplicated disks in house along with a very wide range of packaging as we are also a print company. For instance we could produce you 100 CD's in Digipaks for £280.00, delivered anywhere in the UK, although we are based in Leeds. Along with Digipaks, we also offer the standard card wallets, lancing packs, booklets, inlays for jewel cases and clear plastic wallets. Being a print company we can also offer print to promote your gigis such as flyers, posters, banners and also some quirky stuff like merchandise such as stickers, badges, drumsticks and guitar picks. If you are still looking for somewhere to have your album produced please get in touch, or you can even call in to see us. Thanks Gemma
  15. badmonkey1

    badmonkey1 New Member

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    Old school punk/goth
    Search on ebay, 100 cd's duplicated from master labelled from own art work and cardboard sleeve full colour from own art work. £55 including postage, excellent quality. Larger runs available.
  16. mattmontez

    mattmontez New Member

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    City and Colour,
    if you can bring your number up to a 1000 for £450 this place does it real cheap for cd printing. It's also replicated instead of cd-r and printing is done with dry-offset printing.

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