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CD Duplication services?

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Anonymous, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. djdiscs

    djdiscs New Member

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    Hey guys!

    I would just like to put my duplication service djdiscs.co.uk forward for your duplication needs. We offer the lowest prices in the UK as far as we know and we do our best to give you the best quality product we possibly can.

    We also do a great discount for students that works out to £50 per 100 CD's!

    If you would like to find out more about us please visit our website (www.didiscs.co.uk) or contact me directly at contact @ djdiscs.co.uk

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  3. performingchimp

    performingchimp New Member

    Re: Cheap CD Duplication

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi guys, i run Gillies Audio, we have recently moved premises and are now based in Bradford. We thermally print the discs so the quality is so much better than inkjet and we also digitally print paper parts in house, so I am pretty certain we won't be beaten on price. We can also produce all standard and large format print so for any promo work you need to do, such as flyers, posters, banners, stickers and also your bands branded merchandise like t-shirts, hoody's etc, again all done in house. You can call in to our premises to check us out and see what we are about, and I can send you samples to see the quality. I am pretty certain you will be over the moon with what we can do and the fact we are local is a huge bonus. Thanks Gemma
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    CD Duplication is cheaper on quantities below 500 units. As it is mass production the setup costs for CD Replication are pretty high (glassmastering, creation of printplates/silks). ...But I personally think a replicated CD looks way nicer.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Manufacturing good Cds and sleeves on the cheap

    Bytes2Beats is also a good choice. Check out our online calculator.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Manufacturing good Cds and sleeves on the cheap

    Card wallets are usually litho printed but as thats's a mass production method it's expensive on small quantities.
    Digital print is a much better option, but you need to watch the quality as it varies greatly. I got these done
    http://roryandtheisland.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/new-album-on-its-way/ at http://www.alpha-duplication.com/ & they're great. I wouldn't tell the difference between them and litho if I didn't know better. I'm not sure if they do their digipacks in the same way but it'll be worth asking.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Right, first up I'm not spamming... just replying to this thread and another one hoping I can help brothers n sisters out.

    I'm in Leeds and I do CDR Duplicating and Full Shop Ready Replication.

    Check out my site for prices http://brandingboss.com or land straight at the Dup'/Rep' page http://brandingboss.com/cds/

    Tees, Stickers, Flyers etc. and also check out my websites... working with Roots Manuva, Mystro etc.

    Sam (DJ esSDee) :D
  9. robertbarry

    robertbarry New Member

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    radiohead acdc
  10. Malaria Hysteria

    Malaria Hysteria New Member

    Re: Manufacturing good Cds and sleeves on the cheap

    woah we're now subject to a bidding war.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    WTS media is a great reference for cd duplication and dvd replication services. I think they are great because they meet the quality needs of users as well as the budget needs, they are pretty flexible. There are lots of great companies that specialize in this, but I have been satisfied with WTS the most. Let me know how that works out for you!

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Blue Pro Media in London are very good, not sure what their smallest run is, but quality is great, they give you links to upload your artwork etc.
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    look no further other than HDC media Group www.hdc.uk.com

    call 01274 656565 and talk to one of our very friendly and helpful team memers about your requirements

    HDC have been trading since August 1997 so we have many many years experience
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    We always use http://www.demomaster.co.uk for all our stuff. Even if you have a large run at first and then want to follow it up with a smaller run of the same batch, they honor the price per disc from the intial batch which is handy. And saves quite a bit of cash too.

    Plus the discs always seem to arrive next day. Altho we just normally get CDs in those plastic wallets.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This thread has been great to read.I am currently looking for 100 copies of a Christmas single I have recorded and want to use a local company to keep in the idea of the single being all done local.Alot of sites to pick from. I'm thinking cardboard sleeve and a few colours,can any one suggest the best for turnaround and cost? Thanks Dan
  16. davehewton

    davehewton New Member

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    fleetwood mac
    you could always use Riviera Multimedia ltd
    they based in Barnsley and do all of the Duplication etc in house.
    Got a great graphics guy and some serious printing and d uplication amachinery
    prices are special as well.
  17. Sam R

    Sam R Member

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    Club Smith
    short run cd duplication?


    Is there anywhere (preferably local if not no probs) that does short runs of promo CDs? I reckon I only need about 100, with on CD printing (black only). Anyone got any people they use that are good? I know you get better value at higher quantities but I have loads of place mats for drinks.
  18. Sam R

    Sam R Member

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    Club Smith
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    this is in musicians resources. sorrry. wasted time here.
  19. ToxicJosh

    ToxicJosh New Member

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    Gama Bomb, NOFX
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    I say for short runs with lower production value it can be easier/cheaper to do yourself.

    A few years back I got a CD compatible printer for about £100, printable CDs are £15 for 100, and plastic wallets £4 for 100. So (provided you can find a printer) the cost for 100 CDs is £119 plus time (and ink, I really don't recommend doing a black background!).

    And you can easily manage your inventory by only making what you think you're going to need for each occasion. And if need be you can make more than the initial run (at a cost of less than 20p per disk).

    Obviously if you want jewel cases, printed inserts etc, then professional duplication is going to be easier, but for freebies/ press copies/ cheapy EPs etc. I definitely suggest looking at DIY.
  20. ghosttown

    ghosttown New Member

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    Re: short run cd duplication?

    Hi Sam, I can help you out with this. I have been providing short-run/promo cd duplication in Leeds for around 6 years now.

    My rate is £30 per 50 discs (60p per unit), printed in full colour or b&w and supplied in plastic wallets. I offer fast turnarounds, and you can collect from my studio on Mabgate, close to the city centre.

    Drop me a line at ghosttownrec@hotmail.com

  21. Sam R

    Sam R Member

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    Club Smith
    Re: short run cd duplication?

    thanks Ross...I'll be in touch I think...!

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