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Catalogue distributors required urgently

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by karensgood4u, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Katt

    Katt New Member

    Congratulations on qualifying for NY..... see you in Miami:icon_lol:
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  3. AcidMouse

    AcidMouse New Member

    Every post u tell us how much u get, the free holiday, the rewards i bet are extremely misleading. I bet the average person working for them makes pitence. Having to shell out upfront is also .com funny. Just google these for more stories of the truth.
  4. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I have known enough people over the years with Amway, Avon, Tupperware etc to know that you will get out what you put in. These type of MLM jobs reward effort, its still work for money, but its an opportunity for less money than I have spent getting dressed up and travelling for interviews for jobs I never got.
    Sometimes you have to put something in to get something out and maybe take a little risk.
  5. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    Happy New Year to Everyone. I hope you all had a fab end of year celebrations. I am so looking forward to 2012. I went to New York and it was Awesome and I have now qualified to go to Miami.
    All i have done is work approx 20 to 25 hours a week, i have the flexability to fit it around other commitments and still earn an average of £1500 every 4 weeks.

    I havent spent one penny on christmas that i had to put on a credit card, if anyone needs any help earning some extra cash then contact me

    Leave your details on my website as i dont get notifications that messages have been left on here
    www.fab2ndincome.co.uk and i will call you back

    i wish every single one of you the best ever year you have ever had i know mine will be

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