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Catalogue distributors required urgently

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by karensgood4u, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    We have an business opportunity to share, for individuals and couples to work from home, part time earning from £300 to £1,000 per month and even to develop a far greater income if desired. This is a home based business that you can work around an existing employment and family commitments. It can give you financial rewards, time freedom and an uncapped residual income.
    Our team support is second to none with training every step of your journey. We all learn at different speeds and offers many avenues, weekly conference calls, monthly meetings, workshops, seminars and daily voice calls. Everyone is willing to share experiences, advice, help and want you to be successful.
    There is a simple proven business plan, logical steps to follow and scripts to help build your business.

    The business involves delivering and collecting catalogues,
    delivering orders and if you wish team building.

    It is comission based at a basic 21% leading up to 37%

    My pay cheque last week was for £1261 for working part time, for four weeks.

    There are three ways to join Kleeneze 2 of them require a cash outlay and one is free. Until Thursday 11th August you can get 250 catalogues for £118 or 200 for £99. Where else can you start your own business for this amount of money.

    For more free information either message me with your name and telephone number and I will call you back as soon as I am able or you can leave your details on my answering machine on 01142995790

    Do not prejudge that you know all about Kleeneze, I have just qualified for a free, all expenses paid trip to New York staying in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and I am working towards a brand new free Mini car.

    As well as making a load of new friends I have earned a full time wage for part time hours which i have been able to work around other commitments and family.

    thanks for taking the time to read this

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  3. super_leeds_86

    super_leeds_86 New Member

    Whats the 3rd free way?
  4. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    There is a free option, you get 5 catalogues and build up until you can afford a proper kit.
  5. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    Sounds like a great opportunity for many people. Have you had anyone interested?

    Good luck with your business.
  6. nevben

    nevben New Member

    Kleeneze was a popular thing in the past, then came the £1 shops which stock most cleaning products. The quality is disputable, but the cost is incomparable.
  7. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I think they do natty little gadgets too.

    Its not always about cost but about value . I used to buy Kleeneeze stuff for the convenience but also because I admired the entrepreneurship of the people trudging around with catalogues trying to make ends meet.
  8. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    At the present i get approx 75 to 85 people per week applying. obviously not everyone is suitable.
    My current customer list is 610, these are people who get a catalogue off me every 4 weeks and 75% of them order each time.
    I go out once a week and deliver catalogues, usually on friday morning, leave them while monday morning, and then deliver the orders friday evening so they are not sat in my house taking up space. approx 6 to 8 hours a week doing the retail.
    Most of my money is made from showing the business to other people which i do from the comfort of my own home.
    Our christmas catalogue got launched last week and i put them out on friday with my main books and picked up over £100 of orders already just from the christmas books, thats not counting the £209 from the other catalogues.
    So even though there is the pound shop there is still a market for the catalogues, and as lots of people need an extra wage there is also a market to show the business to others. the next 7 months are our busiest time of the year.
    thanks Bewerley for your good luck wishes, i am doing really well, average salary for 4 weeks is £1200.00, i find out in a fortnight if i qualifed for the all expenses trip to New York in November and I am in contention to win a brand new Mini Cooper car, So love my job ...............Is everyone lucky enough to be able to say that?
  9. YorkshireRepairs

    YorkshireRepairs New Member

    Hi where do you distribute the catalogues?
  10. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    I live in a place called Thurnscoe which is inbetween Barnsley and Doncaster
  11. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    Just to bring this post up top again and give people a reminder i am still looking for people,

    Do you need some extra money leading up to christmas?

    Established Business since 1923
    A phenomenal opportunity with Kleeneze, suitable for everyone - entrepreneur, couples, individuals or single parents working around their children, job etc - to earn an additional income part time and able to work from home.
    Kleeneze is a business that you can work from home in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. Many people right now are earning anything from an extra £200 per month to over £10,000+ per month and the amount you earn is determined by results, not commission. Whether you are interested in earning a good part-time income, or have the ambition to achieve financial independence, then take a few minutes to find out how the exciting Kleeneze work from home business opportunity can benefit you.
    With Kleeneze you can Retail or Sponsor Or Both it is entirely up to you, the more people in your network, the larger your turnover and the more you earn, with no limits!! We payout incomes not only on the turnover the people you introduce, we also payout an extra income on the people your team have introduced into their network.
    A part-time income of £200 - £1000 per month is very achievable with the retailing side, but you don't have to 'sell', you distribute the catalogues, then collect them a few days later complete with any orders, submit the orders to Kleeneze. Products will be delivered to you, you take them to the customers and collect the payment, then you pay Kleeneze. When you pay Kleeneze you Keep 33% of the SPV in cash for yourself, that's before any bonus payments, easy as that. 33% SPV = @ 21% cash on all orders (£100 of orders = £21 in your pocket) This is an instant income that you can start earn now, as soon as you get your kit you can go out and earn with Kleeneze.
    Sponsoring / Team Building
    The second way for you to earn money with Kleeneze is to help teach, share and motivate others you have introduced into this system. Kleeneze will then payout incomes from the turnover of your entire network in your business. The money earned through this activity is known as Volume Profit. And the more people delivering catalogues equals more turnover which you willl be rewarded for.
    Incomes in excess of £3,000+ per month are now being earned and with ours and the teams help and support you can too.
    This will take longer to build up then the retailing side but ultimately there is no limit on what you can earn.
    What could you do with that kind of extra money per month?
    • Payment on a new car
    • Pay off the mortgage
    • Dream holiday of a lifetime
    • Top up a pension
    • Improve your lifestyle
    • Indulge in your favourite pastime more often
    • Financial freedom
    • Buy that dream house
    The list is endless....
    Let us show you how being your own boss, working part-time, from home, earning an extra income
    (without effecting any commitments / job etc) of anything from £200 - £3,000+ per month
    will allow you to take control of your future and give you financial security
    This is an opportunity that will allow you to make money from day one - an immediate income.
    If you don't have a dream, and if you have no real desire to see your life circumstances change, then don't bother getting involved with this phenomenal opportunity. This is a business only for those fortunate people who still have a dream.
    Further Information
    We do not make anything from recruiting you or for selling you catalogues, People who join all start at the same level,
    and along with the rest of the team we train and assist you all the way, you only get paid if you succeed, so we all win.
    Come and find out for yourself... if you are requesting more info , please give your name /address/postcode/contact number

    looking forward to hearing from you
  12. michael1978

    michael1978 New Member

    there is no free way of doing kleeneze i got a phone call today after enquiring and got told that i had to pay £183 for the start up kit. If there were a free way of getting started i would have done it as no one does it round my area
  13. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    Having to invest in a business is a sure way to increase commitment. £183 does not seem like a huge risk?
  14. michael1978

    michael1978 New Member

    it is when you havent got that kind of money to lay out in the firest place, and when someone puts that you can set up free then that should be the case
  15. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    Depends what you get for the money.
  16. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    Michael there is a free option, go to the kleeneze website and search break free

    For your £183 you get 250 catalogues of each of the current ones being used, Main book, health and beauty, christmas. and everything else like DVDS, order forms, bags to get you off to a good start.
    In 2 and a half weeks i earned £212 which paid for the kit and a bit besides. my cheque this period was for £1206.61

    Certificate of Income
    The Certificate of Income shown below is the official Kleeneze payment for the 4 - week period number 201111

    PAY: MRS K & MR S BOARDMAN__________

    Hundred Thousands Ten Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Units







    Jamie Stewart
    Managing Director

    I work part time and have only been in the business since March last year. on the 11th Novemebr i fly to New York all expenses paid just for earning money
  17. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    sorry cheque didnt copy properly i will gladly email it to anyone who wants to see it
  18. michael1978

    michael1978 New Member

    not bothering with it now, the free way you only get 5 books, what the hell can you do with that, think i'll do betterware
  19. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    wow what a month i have just had, my cheque this month is £1529.00 and this is part time for 3 weeks work, 3 weeks due to the fact that Kleeneze have just taken me and 173 others on a 5* trip to New York. Everything was paid for including the booze, pity i dont drink lol.
    Good Luck with Betterware Michael, i was in New York with people who had started Kleeneze with 5 books, its not ther easiest way, true the best way is to get 250 and you can earn your investment back straight away then.
    If cataloguing is not your thing but you fancy party plan then get in touch as Kleeneze are trialing party plan in January to a select few.
  20. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    Its good to read of success. Well done.
  21. karensgood4u

    karensgood4u New Member

    Thanks Bewerley

    got the amount of the cheque wrong though it was more

    Here it is and also details of a special offer

    There is a special offer on until 11.15 a.m. on thursday 1st december join Kleeneze for the small cost of £99 for 200 catalogues or £118 for 250 catalogues. where else can you start your own business for less than £100

    Here is my cheque this month

    Certificate of Income

    The Certificate of Income shown below is the official Kleeneze payment for the 4 - week period number 201112

    PAY: MRS K & MR S BOARDMAN__________

    Hundred Thousands Ten Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Units



    Jamie Stewart
    Managing Director


    This is 3 weeks work as I was away for one week in New York.

    this is part time !!!

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