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Ace Australian songwriter DANIEL CHAMPAGNE - Support wanted

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by jfk, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. jfk

    jfk Member

    Just booked young Australian singer/songwriter, DANIEL CHAMPAGNE, into True Troubadours at Korks Otley on Friday 22nd April. He's already widely known in his native Australia and now there's a definite buzz about him on the British roots circuit. He's destined for bigger things. First time around we're not expecting a massive turnout, but could do with one or two local singer/songwriters to boost the numbers. Please only apply if you can bring a few people to the gig. Expenses will be paid. jfk@liveinleeds.com

    Have a listen:

    Daniel Champagne - Heart Like This (Official Music Video)

    The official music video of 'Heart Like This' by Daniel Champagne is a split screen - two shots - one take each - music video.

    Here's his version of the blues classic, Spoonful... some fantastic guitar work:
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  3. jfk

    jfk Member

    Some interesting work with a double fretted guitar>
  4. jfk

    jfk Member

    We had a support arranged, Andy Aitchison, but unfortunately he damaged his shoulder. So, we still have an opening spot available for this brilliant, young Australian artist. Anyone interested? jfk@liveinleeds.com

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