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10 page complete website design for only £48.66

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by Lizzy, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member


    We can provide a 10 page complete website design for only £48.66 including 12 months hosting, FREE domain and EVERYTHING you need to get your business online..

    Or a FREE 1 page website design again with 12 months hosting, FREE domain and much, much more.

    See our portfolio - http://www.1-to-1.org.uk/portfolio.html

    Fast 48 hour service by friendly Leeds Team who provide ongoing support.
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  3. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    I've seen your portfolio, odd how every company in it has the same address as yourselves.
  4. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member


    Thank you for your reply.

    We provide a full website management system, for some customers, this is why 3 our client sites show our address. The other 4 we have in our portfolio are our sites, owned by 1 to 1 web design.

    I hope that helps explain for you,

    Lizzy :) xx
  5. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    I'm confused, Why would you be charging for 10 different designs? I thought a normal person would go for 1 design with different pages..
    And I'm sorry I don't mean to put people off but you can get cheaper offers.
  6. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Can you build Wordpress
  7. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    lol nobody said we would charge for 10 different designs. Its a 10 page web design for £48.66 - the cheapest like for like service in the UK.

    And cheaper else where? Why dont you show us? It would be very helpful to everybody.

    And I am sure that you will not put off anybody :) xx

  8. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    We certainly can :)
  9. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    I apologize, I misread what you wrote above.
    And as for it being cheaper it would be in some cases of being able to buy a domain, hosting for less than £17 a year, If someone was choosing to go with cPanel they would get most e-commercial, cms pre-installed for free, If they didn't want to use a pre-built script they could easily find a free website builder or obviously if they have previous coding experience they would be able to write a page within minutes.
  10. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Yes there are lots of other options - however we provide a full website design server for for £48.66 - and not just the hosting account with site builders, cpanel etc.

    So it sound like although you claim that a like for like service would be cheaper elsewhere, you can not find one?

    Again www.1-to-1.org.uk provide the cheapest, professional website design service in UK.

    Lizzy :) xx

  11. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    Yes at the point I claimed there could be cheaper offers, But that is before searching.
    But I did do a quick search and it does seem the cheapest anyone would get is £20 for a 1 page website.. Shocking if you ask me.

    So it does look like you're the cheapest company for a 10 page website +extras package.

    I'll give you a tip or two for your website though, Whether you take it or not is up to you...
    Cut down on the animation, colour green and create your own form for the contact, so much quicker and simpler to use PHP + SQL than wait for another host.
  12. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    lol Thank you for the admission :)

    At 1 to 1 Web Design we work for our customer... They tell us what they want on their website and we comply. Their chosen design, colours, images, animation etc is always 100% what they want. Thats the most important aspect - that the customer gets what they want.

    Nice talking with you and we wish you the very best,

    Lizzy :) xx
  13. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Bazi - thanks for your inbox - however we will not be helping you to set up a rival web design company :)

  14. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Your unprofessional, The message i sent you was confidential. I Was going to buy a 10 page website from you but now feel you can’t be trusted.
  15. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    If you are looking for professional website design do feel free to message me.
  16. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Again BAZI - we dont want to work with you. Please see the thread above as somebody else wants to work with you.

  17. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Yes i see, can you see where it says your unprofessional and you can’t be trusted.
  18. hodki

    hodki New Member

    Funny how every website in your portfolio has the same layout and the menu is identical on each. You have made one website and changed text or images on each. I would not call that a portfolio.

    And yes, you can get it cheaper. I offer free bespoke website design!!! Each of the websites I've created is different, and the client pays only for the hosting and domain. I offer up to 10 pages free of charge, but if someone asks me nicely, I'll be happy to make up to 20 :)
    Oh, and I do not copy and paste text or images found on the internet, I actually work on the graphics and help the customer with the textual content.
    Have I forgotten to mention that I also maintain the website for them?
    Now beat that quote! :)
  19. DaFoot

    DaFoot Member

    So you do web design for free?
    Are you actually trying to make a living or is it just a hobby for you?
  20. hodki

    hodki New Member

    Currently I treat it as a hobby, but hopefully one day I will be able to set up my own web design business.
  21. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    When you do come to setting up your own business, you are suddenly going to find out why professionals really dislike people "giving it away free"

    It's odd how it mainly seems to be website designers who do this, you never see plumbers starting out by offering to fix peoples toilets for free.

    Of course you could just say you're doing it for free to learn, but then that shows you don't yet have the skills.

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