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£9.99 a month* Gym Membership!!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Xercise4lessLeeds, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Xercise4lessLeeds

    Xercise4lessLeeds New Member

    Looking for a Cheap Gym????

    Contact 01138 878 111
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  3. asiansinglesolutio

    asiansinglesolutio New Member

    What's the catch?
  4. Matic

    Matic New Member

    Don't you have a website, lack of details aint gonna draw people in.
  5. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Green eggs and ham comes to mind..
  6. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I was a member here ,very good value. Very big but does get very busy hence the price.
  7. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Why a gym you can can run, get a step counter for how much you have done. Go shopping and lift up and down a bag of tinned stuff etc etc no one needs a gym waste of money

    Had one 4 Kids enough excersise there but supermarket shopping school run without a car. Carrying kids to bed and carryring them out of my bed later on. Walking the dog the kids said they would take care of as well as a rabbit and anything else they brought home like an injured sparrow that recovered in a shoe box which kept us up all night trying to get out off the box while daughter slept at her mates. Running after them when learning to ride a bike. A gym no thanks
    Too old now. Want ot take it easy and leave all that to the younger ones when they have the time which I never had.
    Too busy now with the grankids
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2014
  8. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    £9.99 a month is very good value. I used to pay £60 a month at the one near my house.
  9. Derc

    Derc New Member

    That's the excuse I use, having lived an active life, I think I deserve some 'time out', however my wife, as many others, does all that and is also an instructress
    at various council run gyms. Some of the customers are 80 - 90 yr olds and could race you and me round Morrisons car park.
    It's a matter of finding some self time and doing something active with it, who knows it may even cheer you up. I'm waiting for spring, to come out of hibernation. :banana:
  10. Matic

    Matic New Member

    Gyms are not just for weight loss/keeping active ~_~
    Buying all the equipment for your home will only cost many thousands.

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