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£50 to park outside your own home?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MrTempleDene, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Stardust

    Stardust Registered User

    The street I live on is often rammed and I have to park on nearby streets. I don't have a disability so it's no real problem for me to walk a few streets. I don't have resident only parking where I live, but think I would be a bit annoyed if it was and I was been asked to cough up £50 for it. It's not a massive amount of money, but who wants to pay £50 for something that was previously free? Running a car is expensive enough already (my tax due this month - £280 OUCH! Reminder to self, check how much tax and insurance are before buying a new car!!).

    When my Gran passed away we had a guy help us sort out her estate and her house was residents parking only. The guy parked on the street for an hour and got a ticket. He challenged it saying he was there on business helping deal with my grandmothers estate and I wrote a letter backing that up and the ticket was cancelled.
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  3. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    It is disgracefull but cheaper than a lot of places
  4. Rick

    Rick Member

    Since 2009 local councils have been given powers to issue Penalty Charge notices for Contravention 27 "Parking adjacent to a dropped kerb". These can be either those for pedestrians to cross the road, or those to allow vehicles to cross the pavement to a property.

    Local council apply these powers in their own ways and it seems there is no need for markings or signage, I think motorists are expected to use common sense and not park where they are obviously blocking a route!

    Seeing as lots of people seem to have no common sense, there are internet forums full of people trying to contest these PCNs for blocking dropped kerbs,

    In Leeds we have had a warden come when requested to issue one when we were blocked in. Usually we don't bother the wardens, and just tow it out of the way.

    As for paying for permits, ours are renewed every 3 years so I'd expect to pay then, not annually.
  5. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    I didnt know that; I have just looked at the LCC web site, and it says "Dropped kerbs and footways: no parking at any time."

    Does that mean they can give out tickets for pavement parking, I assume that is what a "footway" is.
  6. NatureBoy

    NatureBoy New Member

    What about parking the car in the next street? Or moving? Or selling the car and using buses and trains? :thumbs2:

    £50 a year is less than a £1 a week in any case, so there's no need to get into such a strop over it! You should be grateful you're allowed to park in what I assume is a very narrow street.

    Oh, by the way, how often do you get a computer parking in your street?
  7. spanielsmum

    spanielsmum New Member

    No, actually it's not a very narrow street! Why assume that it is?. There are cars down both sides and still room to get a lorry down easily.

    As to parking elsewhere??? Why should we? My OH is very disabled and finds walking very difficult. Plus he falls often when his knees give way.... Am I expected to pick him up? I am also disabled. Who will pick me up?
  8. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    I have recently seen a residents parking scheme that only applies after 4.00pm; very sensible to let shoppers park when the workers cars are not there.
  9. L33DS

    L33DS Registered User

    Leeds city council just want to make money.

    I find them vile.
  10. AcidMouse

    AcidMouse New Member

    It's just another snide move from a Labour Leeds council that really has lost the plot. The £50 is granted not a great amount but coupled with everything else we are paying and the squeeze on take home pay since 2007 its frankly a bridge too far.

    I guess we wait for Leeds next tax introduction, not content with cutting kids travel to school and help on uniforms for kids I suspect it will effect the poor in Leeds.
  11. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    What would people suggest that LCC do to cover their costs?
  12. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Yes I agree Leeds City Council do seem to be doing this more and more now.
    But if you break the law then you can not complain.
  13. AcidMouse

    AcidMouse New Member

    No idea, but its a good idea to leave the poorest in our society and the kids services alone. The consultations for cutting delicate services for kids had to be re-opened as it was kept quiet to push it through quickly.

    Sneaky ways to push through morally wrong cuts seems the way forward for LCC.
  14. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Yes I totally agree AcidMouse - kids services and the poorest (only the ones in need however and not dole scroungers) should, when possible, be left alone. I don't envy LCC's job - it most be impossible for them right now with the massive cuts they should make. Hopefully better financial times are ahead :) xx
  15. spanielsmum

    spanielsmum New Member

    Stop wasting what little money they have!!

    Like circa £143,000 for those gates at Crossgates with £11,000+ per year for upkeep. Plus, I've been told those big stones with place names on, eg Stanks, Crossgates, etc were £53,000 EACH.....
    I may have been misinformed, of course, but really? Can't we just manage with road signs for heaven's sake. We used to do.

    Also, why not put plants on the roundabouts that don't need changing every season? I know people will start shouting about people's jobs but there seems such a waste of money. Yes, they do look pretty, but so do trees and bushes.
  16. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Haha Well said - totally agree with your point. Another is the work they did on thr top part of Roundhay Road, maybe 2 years ago.

    They spent 1.1 MILLION on "improvements" - the only real difference is the bike lane in both directions. Plus we never got a nice stone sign !! New thread - The Campaign for a £50,000 stone sign for Oakwood :D

  17. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    They spent a fortune near my house ,they changed all the road, now the traffic is about 10 times worse. It is often quicker to walk the mile to the shops than it is to go in the car.
  18. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

    Lol Roundhay Road isn't any worse, in fact it is slightly better and looks nicer. But all the money for a bike lane, which I am sure attracts no more than a dozen bikes daily. Before the bike lane the road was wide enough and good enough for bike riders. I do not believe there have been any RTA involving bikes over the last 10 years.

    LCC - we all love you :) xx
  19. shaunandelly

    shaunandelly New Member

    £50 a year is where I starts.Do you honestly think that is where is going to stay?

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