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  1. All of West Yorkshire will be going to Covid 19 tier 3 from 00:01am Monday 2nd November 2020 here's a link - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-level-very-high 7 although the guidance is likely to change again as we all know
  2. It is always good to find free things to do with the kids over half term that are accessible I took our daughter to the Leeds City Museum yesterday, free (donations welcomed) and there was a mini scavenger hunt - literally looking for mini things; and they got a free craft activity pack to do later at home which was making a mini Chinese dragon puppet. it killed a couple of hours and it was in the dry. The museum located in millennium square Leeds felt safe, there was a one way system in place, grown ups were wearing masks and track and trace was in place. shop and cafe wer
  3. West Yorkshire is on 'High' alert. All five districts of West Yorkshire have been placed in the Tier Two category for new Covid-19 restrictions. The measures mean different households will still not be able to mix indoors but can meet outdoors, as long as there are no more than six people. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new system in the House of Commons. The county is rated as "high alert", or amber, on the traffic light system. The rating will be reviewed in 14 days. Bars and other hospitality venues can open, but will have
  4. From BBC.co.uk The prime minister has said he does not believe another national lockdown would be the "right course" in combating the pandemic Instead a new, three-tiered lockdown system will be rolled out, categorised under medium, high and very high Most areas in England will be put on a medium alert level - meaning current restrictions continue, including the 10pm hospitality curfew But areas which already have local restrictions on household mixing will be automatically put on high alert. Under this category, social mixing will be prohibited indoors a
  5. Thanks for this useful post/idea, Beth. 👍
  6. Just to clarify - is your questionnaire only for residents who live in the Chapel Allerton & Harehills areas? 😀
  7. Hi and welcome to the Leeds Forum, Eloise. 😁 Good luck with your questionnaire! 😎
  8. How are you finding the most recent restrictions in your area? Are you currently locked-down locally due to Coronavirus or are you able to live normally at the moment? In our area, we're not finding any particular problems in upholding the latest rules. Leeds has the most up to date advice which is available on the Leeds City Council site, who say: "Leeds is not in lockdown but the government have put in some extra local restrictions to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)." Also stating: "If you live in Leeds it is against the law to: have guests in your ho
  9. Please post in this forum area if you're having any technical issues, forum problems or have questions and I'll do my best to help! 😎
  10. This is a regular visitor over my house and area. Personally, I enjoy hearing the flying bird and it's reassuring to know what a fantastic job the police and crews do! NPAS (North East) post some great tweets on Twitter too. 🙂
  11. Overall, I've been visiting the household waste site in my area (tip) more often during the restrictions! I do have to say though that I am particularly finding the option to pre-book a 'slot' with Leeds council very useful. It might be worth LCC continuing with this in future....... 😁
  12. The forum is now live for new members to join! You are welcome to login using Facebook or Twitter, or if preferred you can also create a brand new forum account using your e-mail details. 🙂
  13. If you've been completing online shopping for groceries or other products, what's the strangest replacement you've had when an item hasn't been available? I've had meat replacing vegetarian options from Sainsburys! 😄
  14. How is everyone finding completing their normal shopping during the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns? Are you using more local shops/stores, or finding yourself ordering more from online alternatives? Or, perhaps you've not noticed any significant changes in your shopping routines? 🙂
  15. Hello there and thank you for visiting the (new!) Leeds Forum. A community for residents from all areas of Leeds. This forum is currently undergoing a relaunch and we're not quite ready to go just yet! Please visit again within the next 24-48 hours where you can register, sign-in and contribute to the discussions about Leeds. We hope to see you soon! 🙂
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